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You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises Mission Success Lean, Strong, and Confident I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND, unlike many other fitness authors, I do not train movie stars, television celebrities, models, or other personalities whose livelihoods hinge on being fit I train those whose lives do For a decade Ive used bodyweight exercises to create the leanest, strongest, most confident people of our civilization I honed the programs and myriad exercises in this book while preparing hundreds of trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the United States Special Operations community I have spent years developing new training principles, and observing the results A stellar record led the top command to buy into my system The militarys most advanced forcesfrom Navy SEALs to Army Green Berets to Air Force Special Tactics Operatorsuse these exercises as the backbone to their strength training, and now I bring them to you Now, for the first time, men and women outside SpecOps have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of fitness, with an amazingly small sacrifice of your time Clear, concise, and complete, I bring these exercises into your living room, bedroom, hotel room, garage, yard, office, wherever you like They are for people of all athletic ability levels, tailored to suit the needs and lifestyles of todays busy women and men No book like this has existed before Yet for thousands of yearsfrom Ancient Greeces Olympic athletes to tomorrows Special Operations forceshumanitys greatest physical specimens have not relied on fitness centers in their towns or dumbbells in their homes What if I told you that you already have the most advanced fitness machine ever created Your own body And whats so great about this fitness machine is that its always there It is the one and only thing you are never without And now youre holding in your hand all the additional exercise equipment youll ever need again Its no longer necessary to spend hours and hours at a gym In fact, you wont have to go to a gym at all The time spent training, wherever you may be, will be minimal Two hours per week Thats it With these workouts you will not waste a single moment of your valued time using ineffective training methods And no longer will you be able to use theexcuse for not training I dont have the time Whether youre a part time fitness enthusiast, Olympic gymnast, bodybuilder, yogi, or someone who hasnt lifted anything but the groceries in years, my program will get you into the best shape of your life Youll find an incomparable selection of themost effective exercises to work any muscle you want, anywhere you want, for the rest of your life With these clearly demonstrated and explained exercises youll be able to construct your own training programs, catering to your needs and desires, that can be changed and modified in a virtually infinite amount of ways Keeping your muscles guessing is how you keep them growing But for those who want the direction, Ive laid outweek programs for all levels of fitness, programs that will lead to success where others have failed you before Youll only workouttominutes a day,ortimes a week I strongly recommend at least starting out with one of these programs They combine the secrets to what made ancient warriors so strong, with the worlds most effective and modern training principles These programs will increase the strength of important muscle groups needed in everyday living, keep your muscles and joints supple and flexible, improve the efficiency and capacity of the heart, lungs and other body organs, reduce susceptibility to common injuries as well as degenerative heart diseases, and reduce emotional and nervous tension The benefits are never ending And success in your fitness program will inevitably lead to success in the other aspects of your life, both work and play This book can replace all other fitness programs in a persons life, or be used as a supplement to your regular program, as a way to change things up from the same ol borrrrrrrring routine in your fitness center, or even just to take on the road when you cant find a gym Variety is the spice of life Forget about doing the same sets and exercises day in and day out, maybe hitting the same treadmill every day, like a gerbil trapped in a wheel And theres no need to change clothes, pack a gym bag, drive, park, find a locker, find an open machinethen, after a long, boring workout, do the whole process in reverse You just start, whether at home, in your office, or a hotel room, and minutes later youre finished Youll find no rhetorical filler in this book No before photos of people pale and frowning with their glasses on, next to after photos of them tanned, smiling, flexing, and sucking their shaved and oiled tummies in The proof has been before our eyes since man became man In fact, even before thatwhy do you think monkeys are pound for pound stronger than humans Hint Its not because they have Golds Gym memberships Do you really think that we evolved or were created to require machines in order to stay fit Its lack of knowledge about your own bodys potential that drives modern mankinds endless demand for useless fitness gimmicks When in fact the solution to ultimate fitness is surprisingly simple Though its up to you to apply it Free yourself from the dependency on gadgets, trainers, and common misconceptions They are all crutches, keeping you from getting into the best shape possible Its a call back to nature Your fitness should be dependent on nothing other than yourselfHow I Got Here MY TEAMMATES WERE SPREAD throughout the length of the pool, ready to pull me up, because I was eventually going to pass out underwater But for now, I stood in the water breathing and relaxing, getting ready to try to break the militarys long standing underwater record I would need to swim underwater, on a single breath, forthanmeters Thats a good dealthan a football field, with the end zones included Four months before, I could barely makemeters Everyone in the pool and on the deck was quiet, patiently waiting and watching me as I stood chest deep in the water I knew this was going to suck, but I was committed For the first time, I was alone in this, just me, without my team It was surreal I was calm, relaxed, aware I was ready My anxiety had evaporated Without a thought, I took my last deep breath, went subsurface, and pushed off the pool wall You had to graduate one of the militarys toughest selection courses to get on the record board, and with an % attrition rate, weekly evaluations, and an instructor staff dedicated to exploiting your weaknesses, graduation was far from a sure thing In fact, it had already eluded me once My first time around, forgrueling weeks I fought tooth and nail to stay in the course Id be lying if I said quitting never tempted me It tempted me every day, especially at the pool and in the mornings when a full nights rest felt like aminute nap Every weekend, my precious time off was spent learning to swim with fins and performing the various underwater exercises At last, my final evaluation consisted of amile run inminutes,Pull Ups,Push Ups,Chin Ups,Sit Ups, ameter fin swim inminutes, andtorturous underwater confidence or water con events The fin swim was done with big thick rubber fins and booties that could push a large man with uniform and equipment through the water You could not use your arms since it wouldnt be tactical for a team to swim ashore with arms flailing and splashing above the water All calisthenics had to be done with perfect form Each students repetitions were counted and scrutinized by an instructor, and improperly executed reps werent counted Instructors shouted, Didnt count, didnt countThose didnt countYour back is slouchingNot all the way upNot all the way down Staff Sergeant Pope counted my Sit Ups during the final evaluation, and of all the cadre, he was the most feared for his unreasonable treatment of trainees Those didnt count, Lauren Your hands are too high up on your head, he said, shortly before failing me bySit Ups because of the position of my hands That was all it took On the last day of training, I got sent back to the junior class that was in weekMy original class graduatedout of an initialI walked back to the dorm as my team ran by in formation singing a jody about their last day I seriously considered quitting But the last nine weeks had taught me something I would use for the rest of my life A successful team was one that was made up of individuals that were able to set themselves aside We were trained to set aside personal comfort for the common goal of the team And that training applied as much to a team as it did an individual Success is about you and no one but youletting go of everything that conflicts with your goalMark Lauren puts the strength training techniques of SpecOps into a comprehensive and easy to understand program that can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime, paving the way for anyone looking to get into the best shape of his or her lifeGregory Peterman, sergeant, Green Beret Gain control of yourself through your own bodys gym Mike Fisher, commander, nd Airborne Division US Army Ranger colonel, US Army Perfect for our mobile age of road warriors, this terrific book lets us carry around a full gym in our heads General James Abrahamson, US Air Force

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