[pdf] World War II Naval Forces (You Choose: World War II) (English Edition) Author Elizabeth Raum – Andy-palmer.co.uk

World War II Naval Forces (You Choose: World War II) (English Edition) My son is a HUGE war and history fanatic He LOVES to read anything related to it Remembering the books from my youth where you could chose your own endingsI ran into this series They are fabulous Worth every pennyThe books let them choose from 3 different story scenarios and teach them lessons about everyday life during these times as well Totally in love with these Great quality books as well Very tightly binded so that they won t fall apart I bought several for Christmas and my son couldn t wait to read them We will be buying them all The book should be longer and have detail I think the book would be better If it had longer pages. Very exciting paths possible with this interactive book Eight year old grandson enjoyed his choices immensely. Good My grandpa served in the Navy during WWII This let my children see what the war was like and chose different paths if they desire My third grade twins boy and girl love taking these books out of their schoolLibrary and wanted their own copies Very engaging and educational. I have read many books about WWII Navy, Army Air Force, Army and Marines I found this book very deficient and often miss leading The book was a waste of my money. Anchors aweigh World War II is raging in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans You re at sea, fighting for your country as a sailor Will you Serve in the German Navy and attempt to survive the sinking of the Bismarck Experience the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as a US Marine Storm Omaha Beach in an American Navy landing craft on D Day This series is a winner in my classroom Very informative I recommend it

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