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Dead Girl Walking, The Boys Say In The Halls Tell Us Your Secret, The Girls Whisper, One Toilet To AnotherI Am That GirlI Am The Space Between My Thighs, Daylight Shining ThroughI Am The Bones They Want, Wired On A Porcelain Frame Lia And Cassie Are Best Friends, Wintergirls Frozen In Matchstick Bodies, Competitors In A Deadly Contest To See Who Can Be The Skinniest But What Comes After Size Zero And Size Double Zero When Cassie Succumbs To The Demons Within, Lia Feels She Is Being Haunted By Her Friend S Restless Spirit Wintergirls

About the Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Ask box is open, my friends What do you want to know UPDATE SHOUT, my memoir in verse, is out, has received 9 starred reviews, and was longlisted for the National Book Award I recently answered all kinds of great questions over at Reddit Check it out for loads about my writing process and my books bio stuff Laurie Halse Anderson is a New York Times bestselling author whose writing spans young readers, teens, and adults Combined, her books have soldthan 8 million copies Her new book, SHOUT, a memoir in verse about surviving sexual assault at the age of thirteen and a manifesta for the MeToo era, has received widespread critical acclaim and appeared on the New York Times bestseller list for seven consecutive weeks.Laurie has been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award three times Two of her books, Speak and Chains, were National Book Award finalists, and Chains was short listed for the prestigious Carnegie medal Laurie was selected by the American Library Association for the 2009 Margaret A Edwards Award and has been honored for her battles for intellectual freedom by the National Coalition Against Censorship and the National Council of Teachers of English In addition to combating censorship, Laurie regularly speaks about the need for diversity in publishing and is a member of RAINN s National Leadership Council She lives in Philadelphia, where she enjoys cheesesteaks while she writes Find outabout Laurie by following her on Twitter at halseanderson, Instagram at halseanderson, and Facebook at lauriehalseanderson, or by visiting her website,

10 thoughts on “Wintergirls

  1. kari kari says:

    I didn t care for the writing style, all the crossed out words just felt like an unneccessary affectation that slowed down the pace of the book The chapter headings 001.00, etc were a distraction that took me several chapters to even realize what the numbers meant The descriptions are ugly.I didn t make any connection to Lia and neve

  2. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    4.5 Stars This book was a really emotional read for me It s been recommended to me a million times over and I m so glad I finally picked it up.The writing in this book was incredible Everything flowed together perfectly and it waslike reading a masterpiece than just reading a book I m extremely impressed with the way the author was able

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book, as Laurie and I share a publisher It is so, so good The voice is unique, the style like a puzzle and a poem, all at once Highly recommended I think it will be HUGE with teenage girls.

  4. Megs ♥ Megs ♥ says:

    Who exactly are the Wintergirls They are Lia and Cassie Cassie is a pretty girl who started battling bulimia at a very young age, and at the beginning of our story was found dead in a motel room Lia is her former best friend who is still battling anorexia, and has to deal with getting weighed weekly by her well meaning step mother, and also h

  5. edh edh says:

    I initially found this book to be absolutely repulsive the narrative was suffused with this sense that something was hideously wrong, and the devices that Anderson was using to describe narrator Lia s reality hinted at a disturbing mania As it turns out, this is exactly right Lia s sense of self was damaged even before her former best friend Cas

  6. Karin Karin says:

    Lia fights a war every day A war with herself A war with food At 95 pounds she still feels fat When she looks in the mirror she sees the pockets of fat hanging on her body Everyone else is just blind Two stays in a treatment facility hasn t cured her it just forced her to develop techniques to survive in a world of food She picks the bruised apples

  7. 46milestogo 46milestogo says:

    Laurie Halse Anderson sinks her teeth into writes about eating disorders in this one She distracts from the too familiar story and flat characters uses lots of clever formatting, including numbers tiny text three guessesThis could have been a good book if Anderson had spent less time being clever andtime creating solid characters that would have stren

  8. karen karen says:

    ariel says everyone loves this book, and that s probably true, these girls today are probably super drawn to this kind of story it s not bad, i just already have a favorite teen problem novel about anorexia, one that doesn t have the voice of this narrator, who was so immersed in her dreamworld, she frequently spoke in this forced poetic voice that i fou

  9. Anne Anne says:

    I ship this book Ship Ship Ship WAIT.I MEAN CAN YOU SHIP BOOKS Before I go further, before I m made out to be insensitive, these are things you need to know.1 YOU MIGHT NOT GET IT BUT2 WHAT S MORE I M MOSTLY LIKE image error 3 TO THOSE WHO STICK AROUND LOOKING TO FIX MY PROBLEM YOU NEVER LEARNNow that that s out of the way STORY LINEDead girl walking , the

  10. Kyla Kyla says:

    I m surprised there is so little criticism of this book I don t normally write reviews, but I finished the book a couple weeks ago and have been letting my thoughts simmer, unable to just forget itseems to have eaten my review maybe it will be posted in a couple days I decided to look fordissenting opinions on here.4 or 5 stars for great writing Anderson creat

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