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  • 107 pages
  • Who Is Hillary Clinton? (Who Was?)
  • Heather Alexander
  • English
  • 24 December 2019

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Who Is Hillary Clinton? (Who Was?)Heather Alexander has written numerous books for children, including the nonfictionA Child s Introduction to Art and A Child s Introduction to Greek Mythology, and the fiction series The Amazing Stardust Friends She is a former children s book editor and lives in New JerseyWho Is Hillary Clinton When Hillary Rodham was thirteen years old, she wanted to become an astronaut It wasIn one of his speeches, President John F Kennedy promised that American astronauts would land on the moon by the end of the s Hillary dreamed of flying into outer space The idea was exciting and challenging, and that made Hillary want to do it evenHillary was not afraid of doing things few people had tried So she wrote a letter to NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA is in charge of the United States space program She asked what she needed to do to become an astronaut Several weeks later, a letter came It read Were not interested in women astronauts How could this be Hillary was as smart, if not smarter, than any boy at school She played softball with the boys Why did being a girl matter It was the first time I had hit an obstacle I couldnt overcome with hard work and determination, and I was outraged, said Hillary But when Hillary was growing up in the s and s, women faced many obstacles They didnt have nearly the number of career choices that women do today Back then, if a woman worked outside the home, she was usually a secretary, nurse, or teacher Back then, women couldnt even buy a house or open a bank account in their own name Society treated women as weaker and less intelligent than men Hillary promised that she would never let being a girl stop her from anything In April of , she announced that she would run for president inIt was the second time she decided to try to become the leader of the United States And she was determined to win Although she never became an astronaut, she has never stopped reaching for the stars ChapterStanding Up for Herself Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October in Chicago, Illinois Her dad, Hugh, owned a small business that made curtains Her mother, Dorothy, stayed at home, taking care of Hillary and her two younger brothers, Hugh Jr and Tony Dorothy Rodham was a strong, loving woman, but she felt there had been many limits on what she could do with her life She wantedfor her daughter When Hillary was three years old, her family moved to a brick house with a big backyard in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge There were forty seven kids in her neighborhood Front doors were left open, and kids ran in and out of everyones houses People often called Hillary a tomboy She loved playing softball and basketball, going swimming, and ice skating on a nearby pond with her friends One day the kids on the block wouldnt let her play with them Hillary ran home in tears But her mother wouldnt let her in You have to stand up for yourself, her mother told her She sent Hillary back outside Hillary was scared But she did stand up for herselfand it worked After that, she was included in every game Hillarys father pushed her to do her best Can you do better than that hed say Hillary didnt mind Unlike other fathers of girls, he never treated Hillary differently from her brothers He taught her to throw a football, switch hit in baseball, and take an interest in world events The Rodhams dinner conversations often turned to politics I learned that a person was not necessarily bad just because you did not agree with him, and that if you believed in something, you had better be prepared to defend it, Hillary once wrote When Hillary was nine years old, some kids at school started staying she was stuck up But that wasnt true Hillary had a secret She often couldnt see if somebody was talking to her because she had bad eyesight and didnt like wearing her glasses But she needed her glasses, especially since Hillary loved to read Every week she walked to the library with her mother Her mother thought education was very important, especially for girls Hillary also loved being a Girl Scout, because she liked helping people Near Hillarys home, there were big farms Migrant workers from Mexico came to pick the crops Migrant workers move from state to state when different crops are ready to harvest They work long hours for little money Hillary wanted to help them She babysat for their children But she wanted to doSo she and friends held a carnival to raise money for the migrant workers This was the beginning of Hillarys life as an activistsomeone who sees a problem and works to solve it

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