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White Gypsies Little has been written about the Spanish film musical, a genre usually associated with the early Franco dictatorship and dismissed by critics as reactionary, escapist fare A timely and valuable corrective, White Gypsies shows how the Spanish folkloric musical films of the 1940s and 50s are inextricably tied to anxious concerns about race especially, but not only, Gypsiness Focusing on the processes of identity formation in twentieth century Spain with multifaceted readings of the cinematic construction of class, gender, and sexuality Eva Woods Peiro explores how these popular films allowed audiences to negotiate and imaginatively, at times problematically, resolve complex social contradictions The intricate interweaving of race and modernity is particularly evident in her scrutiny of a striking popular phenomenon how the musicals progressively whitened their stars, even as their story lines became increasingly Andalusianized and Gypsified White Gypsies reveals how these imaginary individuals constituted a veritable cultural barometer of how racial thinking was projected and understood across a broad swath of popular Spanish cinema. Excellent book I just hate how certain self appointed intellectuals take something that was made basically for entertainment and turn it into a psychological trip into never never land That is the case here where plain, delightful musicals filmed in Spain from the 1930s to the 1950s are stripped and examined by the author to find all kinds of social connotations including some racial hanky panky Of course one can not but wonder at the writer s uncontrolled imagination and at the ignorance of the publisher who obviously believed there was some value in its publication The results are quite boring and utterly useless It s a good thing that most of the people responsible for those musicals, Juan de Orduna, Benito Perojo, Rafael Gil, Cesareo Gonzalez, Saenz de Heredia, etc, are no longer alive If they were and read this expensive tome it would send them into hysterics The same can be said for the artists who starred in those productions Hence, the best place for this book is in some dark shelves at university libraries where plain mortals won t reach it A serious study of the Spanish film industry is yet to see the light of day.

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  • 09 November 2019
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