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Watch Dogs Legion: Resistance Report Discover the ultimate companion book to Ubisofts most highly anticipated game of , Watch Dogs LegionIn a near future London on the brink of becoming a complete authoritarian state, the only way to rise up is to recruit everyone in to the resistance This in world book gathers the investigative work of an American reporter who has followed DedSecs history, from its emergence in the United States, to its influence around the world, and its sudden disappearance in London The investigation picks up in the city as new forces emerge to rise up against the surveillance state Explore the world of Watch Dogs Legion, with research files and information that provide an overview of key aspects of the universe, including images of the transformed city of London, factions, vehicles, weapons, technology, andReaders can also examine the roots of Londons central conflict by tracking the events that led to this current state of affairs Packed with immersive text, exclusive artwork, and detailed illustrations, this book is the definitive guide to Watch Dogs loreUbisoft Entertainment All rights reserved Watch Dogs Legion, the Fox logo, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and or other countries

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