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Vascular Access: Principles and Practice This Practical And Comprehensive Book Provides How To Information On All Aspects Of Access To The Vascular System For Hemodialysis, Parenteral Nutrition, Chemotherapy, And Resuscitation Preoperative Evaluation, Operations, Noninvasive Procedures, Complications, And Other Aspects Are Detailed This Edition Provides Increased Coverage Of Non Interventional Techniques And Includes New Chapters On Management Of Thrombophilia In Hemodialysis Patients Modulation Of The Immune System To Prevent Myointimal Hyperplasia Synthetic Grafts Venous Outflow Stenting For Salvage Of Vascular Access Procedures And Ultrasound In Vascular Access Procedures This Book Is Essential For All Clinicians Treating Patients Who Require Vascular Access, Including Vascular Surgeons, General Surgeons, Nephrologists, Dialysis Technicians And Nurses, Radiologists, And Cardiologists

3 thoughts on “Vascular Access: Principles and Practice

  1. Hector Hector says:

    Excellent Too good Excellent Marvelous.It is a good book I love it If I would need other one I ask for it as soon as possible

  2. Dr R P Lee Dr R P Lee says:

    I bought this book believing it was about vascular access in general and therefore relevant to many specialists anaesthetists, intensivists, and proceduralist In fact it is about haemodialysis access onl

  3. Marcos Daniel de Faria Marcos Daniel de Faria says:

    The title of this book should be Vascular Access for Hemodialysis and its Complications I am an anesthesiologist and I am iterested in vascular access guided by US So, I bought this book But I became greatly decei

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