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Valley of Death: The gripping Ben Hope adventure (Ben Hope, Book 19) (English Edition) FROM THEBESTSELLING AUTHORIf you like your conspiracies twisty, your action bone jarring, and your heroes impossibly dashing, then look no farther MARK DAWSONThis time its personalPeople going missing in the remote wilds of India is not unusual But when the son of a wealthy Delhi businessman is kidnapped just weeks after his brother fell victim to an alleged bandit attack in the mountains of Haryana, it raises eyebrowsWith the local police doing close to nothing, theres only one man for the job ex SAS major Ben Hope But for Ben, this is no ordinary rescue case Because this plea for help is coming from a special person from his past, who now has nobody else to turn toBens mission will take him into the heart of the arid Indian wilderness, pitting him against ruthless gangs and desperate men But Ben is determined to save the day Whatever it takesThe Ben Hope series is a must read for fans of Dan Brown, Lee Child and Mark Dawson Join the millions of readers who get breathless with anticipation when the countdown to a new Ben Hope thriller beginsWhilst the Ben Hope thrillers can be read in any order, this is the nineteenth book in the series

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  • 16 February 2018

About the Author: Scott Mariani

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Valley of Death: The gripping Ben Hope adventure (Ben Hope, Book 19) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Scott Mariani author readers around the world.

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    Having read all of this series to date, I have been a big fan of the authors phenomenal ability to produce very fast paced novels that still managed to teach you about some ancient civilisation or historical artefact.This one still has the lessons, but the pace for most of it is considerably slower Only 60mph, for first 60% anyway, not the usual 100 mph plus The remaining 40%, moves like his best Having said that, this is still a lot better than the two African books.The body count is as high as ever Wonder if anyone has ever counted how many people Ben has killed.It was nice to see Brooke back on the scene, let s hope she returns soon.Overall I scored this 3.5 rounded up to 4.

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    I hate to write this really, I ve really enjoy a lot of Scott Mariani s Ben Hope novels I find him relatable and believable than the man mountain that is Jack Reacher but I thought this book was a huge disappointment.Had it been a 1.99 short story filler to get us through to the next novel, it would have been OK, but this feels like that has been padded aimlessly to fill a whole novel.Like a lot of other people I didn t really enjoy the African books, but I could see where Mariani was going with Ben Hope there, pitting him against a situation he couldn t deal with and rendering him impotent against a far powerful enemy.This one just spends 2 3rds of the book with Hope driving around India looking for someone and moping over an ex girlfriend OK, a bit than that, but you get the idea When things finally happen they re really a bit too easy to overcome and then, when, slightly contrived, he s in trouble, it s not that much and it s all over again.Definitely, for me, the most disappointing Ben Hope of the lot I already have the next book, so I hope this was just a bump in the road I ve taken with this character

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    I have been a fan of the Ben Hope series of novels since the beginning, and Valley of Death did not disappoint Set in India, he must find out what happened to an old friend This puts him in the path of some very ruthless people While this could be read as a standalone thriller, I would recommend starting with the first one The Alchemist s Secret to get a better picture of how this character has evolved This series is all about Ben Hope the details may change, but he is always the same you can depend on him to go the extra mile, and do what he does best You will travel the world, and get a history lesson into the bargain, but ultimately Ben Hope will save the day Sometimes it s easy to forget he s a fictional character as he is so well written, flaws and all What makes him different is that he does not glorify the violence, but simply uses it as a means to an end This is the nineteenth book in the series, and I hope Scott has no plans to retire Ben Hope any time soon.

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    I really enjoyed reading the next chapter of Ben Hope s escapades ,Unlike a previous reviewer s comments , i think Scott has nailed it with the description of life in Delhi further afield ,I also enjoyed having Brooke back on the scene although now married , things are not what they seem to be.Unlike Lee Child who now delivers loyal fans something rather dire to read , Scott Mariani does his research well , and delivers 2 great books a year.And we always get a history lesson to boot Keep em coming Scott

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    My first and last Scott Mariani book, I m 70% through but I ve put it down and won t be returning An infantile plot involving one man against dozens of gangsters yet already I know our hero is going to come out on top, it really is laughable Another author who has a thing about smoking as our hero lights up a cigarette on every page, I m so bored with this nonsense and suggest you avoid this poor effort If you ignore me you ll find a word our author loves to use, dacoit, just count how many times he slips it in, this really is dreadful dialogue Oh, and this must be a different Delhi to the one I ve visited, in our authors world you can buy bottles of beer at street food stalls, amazing Know your subject

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    I have been an avid fan of the Ben Hope series since the very first book They are brilliant and I love every minute that I m getting lost in the pages, imagining that I m Ben Hope but then glad I m not because I would never cope with it all I ve just pre ordered book 20 and can t wait until it s delivered Brilliant writing brilliant plots and twists and brilliant fun reading.

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    Brooke has gotten married and her husband got in trouble in family business in India and is kidnapped The plot covers treasure in Kashmir and bounty hunters and rogue armies Ben Hope faces his emotions, loyalties and a host of bad guys in the remote valley A high adventure story that is an improvement on the over the top African escapades This is typical Mariani, well told and thrilling.

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    I ve read and loved every book in the series before this, but I must say that I was disappointed with this one I found it an arduous slog to get through Thankfully, book 20, the house of war, was back to the usual high adrenaline action packed standard that I ve come to expect.

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    I ve been reading Ben Hope books since the beginning and yes I throughly enjoy them there have been a couple below par but still good This is not one it s a great read from the beginning Ben is off to India and gets reunited with Brooke but not like that, she s married and there s trouble around, great read great characters and I can t wait for the next.

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    I am a big fan of the Ben Hope novels This was very enjoyable A real page turner 4stars because, again, mr Mariani allows his apparent negative view of British history to feature in the book Not a huge problem, but I find it grates, mainly because my own historical research gives rise to a different view than that taken by him.

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    Wanted a holiday read to replace Jack Reacher who s lost his edge in recent books Have now read 3 Ben Hope books he fits the bill but how long can he keep dodging bullets Always plenty of easy reading action with a twist somewhere in the plot although sometimes a bit implausible.

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    If you enjoy action or historical fiction then this is the book for you.I love Scott Mariani books they are always exciting and jaw dropping at times.I think everyone should try them and they love them too

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    What can you say about Scott Mariani s writing that hasn t already been said, apart from Scott never disappoints.This is book 19, and another exciting adventure awaits Ben Hope, this time he finds himself on a dangerous rescue mission in India.

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    Another absolute fantastic Ben Hope book by Scott Mariani.I ve read every one of them and they are my most favourite reading material ever and this is no exception, full of action, twists, feeling, and very believable real characters Do not miss this one, and if you have never read a Ben Hope novel before then you don t know what you re missing.

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    Marian uses a tried and tested formula in the Ben Hope series but that s not to say that the books are not good in there own right.Pure escapism but enjoyable, I look forward to the next instalment.

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