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Timelines of Everything This is a large book of coffee table size, but is than just for decorative or display purposes It is highly informative and well organised It is a book on history but organised according to specific topics rather than the usual history book that is organised on the basis of countries, or people It begins with a timeline of the dinosaur age, explaining the various periods Triassic, Jurassic, and cretaceous It moves on to subjects such as mathematics and explains the development in human understanding of maths, with examples such as the creation of zero in 630 CE and its significance to the world of mathematics Other subjects include religion, the rise of the samurai, the story of painting, the British Empire, photography, physics, the Pacific War, and the race to the moon There is, in short, something for everyone.One might hope that subjects could have been added, and some extra details might have been given of the subjects covered. Amazing book Sorts all the history stored in your mind into order Beautifully illustrated and well laid out Thoroughly comprehensive A must have This encyclopedia is amazing We ordered it for our 14 years old niece birthday but I felt in love with it so had to reorder a second one for me and my husband I thought it would be childish or something but it s really well made I hate making timelines in our homeschool My son would prefer to learn everything by studying facts in chunks This book is the perfect solution to both those issues This is a beautiful book It covers pretty much all of history Great resource. Wow My 9 year old son is devouring this book as though it s a novel He keeps telling me random but interesting historical facts And he s gone through all the other books he s read this year to place them on the timeline Every upper elementary teacher should have this in their classroom library Explore An Illustrated History Of The World Through Timelines For Kids From Dinosaurs And Vikings To The History Of Robots And Espionage, Discover Incredible World History In This Lavish Collection Of TimelinesJam Packed With Surprising Facts And Amazing Details, Such As The Most Bloodthirsty Pirate Of All Time And The First Crime To Be Solved By Studying Fingerprints, Timelines Of Everything Will Take You On A Whirlwind Journey Through An Illustrated History Of Time, From The Big Bang To The Modern WorldMore Than Timelines Give You All The General Knowledge You Need And Even Some Surprising Trivia You Don T Must Know Topics And Alternative History Are Showcased With Beautiful, Detailed Illustrations And Straightforward, Easy To Read Text Whether You Want To Know Key Breakthroughs That Set The Industrial Revolution In Motion Or Defining Moments In The History Of Fashion, You Ll Find It All Here With Timelines On A Diverse Range Of Subjects, Timelines Of Everything Is The Ultimate Guide To History For Kids

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