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10 thoughts on “Things That Go (What Can You Spot?)

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    Really disappointed with this book Bought for my transport mad 2 year old for a long journey thinking there would be lots to point at and spot The illustrations are over simplistic compared to his other books and the pages consist of a few images repeated over and over again.

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    All the pages were struck together, tools ages to separate them and now each page has the attached page print on it Our asd son was not impressed that it was defected, will be requested a refund

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    It s ok but a toddler will tire of it quickly

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    We received the other Things That Go animals book in a shipment from one of those monthly box vendors with semi random items and it was probably one of the best things we ve ever received for my now two year old We were pleasantly surprised to find another one and wish there were in the series The pictures are recognizable with bright colors, there s many different items on the page even for the same type of object, and there s enough variance in them that she can spend several minutes looking and spotting different objects It s a board book that s closer to the same dimensions as a kids paperback book, with thick sturdy pages Our only wishes are for pages and in the series

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    My two year old wants to read this over and over and over and over..

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    Decent book Not our favorite

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    My niece s baby loves these books he s 2.

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    Super cute little book I got for my nephew s 2nd birthday.

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    Best book My 23 month old daughter spends hours looking for cars, buses, boats the hidden lion monkey Keeps her occupied in the car And she has learned so many words.

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    could not be happier with this book

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Things That Go (What Can You Spot?) Introducing What Can You Spot board books a new series that allows little ones to identify different creatures and objects in their worldChildren will love identifying the different vehicles on the bright and colorful pages of this adorable board book Spot thehidden vehicles on each page with overshapes to choose from The rounded corners and thick pages make this book perfect for tiny hands