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The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons From the Sawtooth Pack (English Edition) Jim And Jamie Dutcher Offer A Rare And Insightful View Into The Hidden Lives Of Wolves Though This Species Is Often Misunderstood, These Remarkable Animals Have Much To Teach Us If We Will Take The Time To Learn Robert Redford, American Actor, Director, Producer, And ActivistJim And Jamie Look Back On Their Experiences And Make A Heartfelt Plea For Smarter And Kinder Treatment Of These Majestic Animals Washington PostA Gorgeous Reflection On Society Both Human And Animal Alike And The Ways That Mammals React To Each Other With Camaraderie, Compassion, Kindness, And, At Times, Conflict EsquireThrough The Stories And Life Lessons In The Bookthe Couple Hopes Readers Can Get A Better Picture Of Wolves And Glean Some Of The Wisdom They Imparted To The Dutchers Idaho Mountain ExpressThose Who Read This Book Will Have A Greater Understanding Of These Charismatic Animals Who Share An Ancestor With Our Domestic Dogs , And, It Is Hoped, Will Be Inspired To Become Active Stewards Of The Wild World Bark Canada An Accessible Book For Nature Lovers That Imparts Wisdom For Humanity For All Readers In Need Of A Reminder To Be The Best That They Can Be Library JournalThe Authors Challenge The Cultural Perception Of Wolves As Ruthless With Positive Stories Of Wolf Behaviorsharing Stories As If They Were Doting Grandparents This Optimistic Expression Of Faith In The Everyday Wisdom Of Wolf And Humankind Alike Shows The Wolves As A Reflection Of The Best In Humans Publishers WeeklyFrom The World Famous Couple Who Lived Alongside A Three Generation Wolf Pack, This Book Of Inspiration, Drawn From The Wild, Will Fascinate Animal And Nature Lovers AlikeFor Six Years Jim And Jamie Dutcher Lived Intimately With A Pack Of Wolves, Gaining Their Trust As No One Has Before In This Book The Dutchers Reflect On The Virtues They Observed In Wolf Society And Behavior Each Chapter Exemplifies A Principle, Such As Kindness, Teamwork, Playfulness, Respect, Curiosity, And Compassion Their Heartfelt Stories Combine Into A Thought Provoking Meditation On The Values Shared Between The Human And The Animal World Occasional Photographs Bring The Wolves And Their Behaviors Into Absorbing Focus

5 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons From the Sawtooth Pack (English Edition)

  1. Brenda M. Negri Brenda M. Negri says:

    A wonderfully different book on wolves that approaches them from a Zen perspective if you will A must read for pro wolf people And all the wolf hating ranchers would also benefit from reading this book Wolves are thinking, feeling, intelligent animals As a rancher myself who practices non lethal means to effect co existence with predators, I have long followed the Dutcher s work Their books along w

  2. Taylor Pool Taylor Pool says:

    I bought this book under the mistaken assumption that the authors were simply observing and learning from a wild wolf pack In reality, the authors set up a 25 acre fence and raised litters of wolf pups and fed them , all in the name of observing wolf behavior I have to wonder how natural the wolves interactions with each other truly were Also, as other reviewers have brought up, where did the three litters o

  3. Saraswati Saraswati says:

    I am loving this book, even though I have been brought to tears many times while reading it I have loved wolves since childhood I m a baby boomer.so that s a long time I admire their beauty, intelligence and nobility This book speaks to those qualities which are so evident to anyone with eyes to truly see and emotions to feel These beings taught our early ancestors by example to hunt and live in groups Fortunately, th

  4. E. Buhser E. Buhser says:

    So much truth and incite into wolves Figures that humans are intent on continued ignorance and continual destruction to the natural world We will never learn that the universe does not revolve around us A must read for people of conscientious and compassion.

  5. MP MP says:

    I loved this book It gave me such an insight into the lives of wolves They are so smart and beautiful Shooting them makes no sense It destroys everything We try to live in harmony with the foxes and coyote in our area.

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