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The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin Charles Darwin was an independent thinker who continues even now to influence the way we look at the natural world His endless curiosity and passion for detail resulted in a wealth of notebooks, diaries, correspondence, and published writings that Peter Sis transforms into a visual treasure trove A multi layered journey through Danivin s world, The Tree of Life begins with his childhood and traces the arc of his life through university and career In wondrous pictures executed in fine pen and ink and lush watercolours, Peter Sis has shaped a brilliant introduction to Charles Darwin

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    When this book first arrived I was a little disappointed as it was quite a thin book, but upon opening the book I was entranced by its contents The illustrations were remarkable and the book written in such a way that my 7 year old granddaughter will have no problem in reading and understanding its contents I feel I now know about Darwin the man as well as his legacy to the world Last summer, with my granddaughter, I visited Down House, visited the greenhouses and walked along the sandwalk It is a beautiful book and one which I highly recommend.

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    I had ordered an encyclopedia of science for my eldest grandaughter to aid her blossoming interest in science which I wanted to add encouragement for her birthday Ordered well in advanced but Amazaon had failed to order enough books at that time so I was late for her birthday.The reserve order of three books, of which this was one, all hit the mark and I have received a lovely letter from my grand daughter stating how much she is enjoying her book The book arrived only a short while after the event and well within the prescribed period.Well done.

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    Excellent book, great service.

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    It came really fastly, i love this book, it s very interesting I recommend this to everyone, also the graphic is very very nice

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    This is a gorgeous book most beautifully illustrated, printed with care, with a fresh view of Darwin s life, starting with his childhood Great for kids who love books on nature or science, or drawing It will spur lots of questions, discussions and ideas It inspired my 9 y.o to look closely at nature and to draw This book is also useful if your child has to write a report on Darwin it s much compelling than usual biographies for kids It actually makes learning exciting But I m also happy I had an excuse of buying it for my daughter, because I like it so much myself It s a book to get lost in on a rainy afternoon, preferably in the company of a child, so you get amazed, again, by the wonder of life Every bibliophile will appreciate this book for it s infinite care and love of detail It s probably the best book by Peter Sis, and he s published quite a few great books.Enjoy it it s a little treasure of a book, so full of delicious details and inspiring ideas.

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    I really wanted to love this book, but it s very difficult to read because the text is small I mean super super small.Also, I can appreciate the novelty of non linear storytelling, but I feel like something s missing here the way it s laid out It would benefit from a bit structure, at least for a mind like mine.

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    Peter Sis is the man So so so so good My young son and I loved this Would make a special gift for the right kid This with Tibet would be a mighty package.

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    loved it

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    a gift for another but i loved it

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    This is a beautiful book It gives you a vivid picture of Charles Darwin s life Very enjoyable my son and I both got to know Darwin well from this book I m inspired to read all those books Darwin wrote.

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    Purchased this book for my four year old granddaughter When we started to read it she announced that she thought it was too old for her Then we got to the pages of drawings and she was completely fascinated.This is a children s book that adults can also enjoy.

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    AMAZING book, I used it with my classes 3rd and 4th grade students, and recently with 1st and 2nd Excellent

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    Kind of not what I was expecting There was another Darwin book, a biography, written for kids that was a lot better The flow was a little confusing since it is laid out in a way that complicates an already complicated issue, that is actually extremely simplistic yet mostly misunderstood and defiantly scoffed at by the religious zealots who pull on the puppet strings of our society Nevertheless, any book about Darwin, evolution and science, is a good book Never fear knowledge but always explore its twisting path.

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    I got a series of Peter Sis books as a reference for a children s picture book for a school assignment This book is not only for children It s for everyone Each day I look at it you discover something new The visual style and artwork helps to get into the book, both for its sheer amount of detail, surreal imagery, and deep thought involved into it.I must say, this should be a definitive buy It s timeless, down to earth, and importantly INSPIRING Long live Charles Darwin

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    Excellent book beautiful drawings

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