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The Table Tennis Psychology Workbook: How to Use Advanced Sports Psychology to Succeed on the Ping Pong Table THE ONLY SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY WORKBOOK THATS EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED FOR PING PONG PLAYERS TO BUILD MENTAL TOUGHNESS AND BOOST THEIR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Players hear it all the time Ping Pong is % Mental, and % Physical It s All in Your Head The Only One that Can Stop You is You You have to be Mentally Tough But what exactly do those sayings mean Without something concrete, it s difficult for players to understand what it specifically takes to have a mental approach primed for success And rather than have a debate with someone who knows nothing about mental training or sports psychology or read about theories and mental hacks that may or may not work off some random websitewhy not use a detailed, interactive, and engaging workbook that shows and teaches athletes how specific Sports Psychology concepts directly impact their performance on the ping pong tables That s exactly what you ve found here ThroughDynamic Exercises we take athlete s on a journey through the Most debilitating Mental and Emotional Obstacles faced by the Vast Majority of Competitors including Decreased Levels in Motivation Lack of Goal Setting Capability Suppressing Unwanted Thoughts An Inability to get In a Zone Experiencing Overwhelming Pre Game Jitters, Nerves, and Anxiety Overcoming Serious and Debilitating Injuries Zero Formal Education of Necessary Mental Skills such as Mental Imagery and Self Talk Playing without Confidence Not Being Able to Focus when it Matters Most When Athletes Suffer and become Victim to one or multiple issues mentioned aboveit becomes Incredibly Difficult for them to maintain a positive frame of mind not only in sports but in life in general And unfortunately in society today all athletes are under the spot light as they are judged by many of their friends, family, and peers by the level of success they have on the tables, which makes it absolutely crucial for athletes to be mentally tough and resilient Thus, after completing our workbook athletes will undoubtedly be equipped with the Mental Tools toDevelop Supreme Confidence in their Skills and Abilities to FlourishBuild Mental Toughness and Resilience to Overcome ObstaclesLearn to Handle Intense Pressure and Paralyzing AdversityConquer their Crippling Fears and Severe AnxietyBe Mentally Ready to Compete and Dominate their CompetitionCome Back from Injury Better and Stronger than BeforeBe Overflowing with Motivation and Surpass their Athletic Goals Whether youre a male or female athlete looking for ways to improve your skills and ability middle school, high school, or collegiate skill level A coach or trainer in search of avenues to improve your teams performanceor a parent trying to help your son or daughter accomplish their goals and dreamsTHIS IS THE WORKBOOK YOU VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR Choking Under Pressure During Crucial Moments of a Game, Sitting on the Bench Game after Game despite All your Hard Work and Effort, Becoming accustomed to Losing Over and Over, not Stepping Up when the team Needs it Most, and being Unable to see any Progress toward Improving and Reaching Success can be EXTEMELY PAINFUL, DISAPPOINTING, and DISCOURAGING This STOPS TODAY Fulfill your Potential, and Finally Play Great the way you ve Always Envisioned Available in Kindle and Paperback Edition

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