[[ epub pdf ]] The Sugarhouse: A Novella (plus four novel excerpts) Author Donald O'Donovan – Andy-palmer.co.uk

The Sugarhouse: A Novella (plus four novel excerpts) Set in Cooperstown, New York home of James Feni Cooper and baseball s Hall of Fame THE SUGARHOUSE recalls a simpler time in America when friendships were unqualified, peccadilloes were overlooked, and tradition defined the cornerstone of society Donald O Donovan takes us on a charming and sentimental trip back to a world of homespun characters, fertile fishing ponds, innocent love, and, at the center of it all, the town s much loved house of ill repute, the SugarhouseExcerpts from four novels by Donald O Donovan accompany THE SUGARHOUSE, including ORGASMO, NIGHT TRAIN, CONFESSIONS OF A BEDBUG HAULER and TARANTULA WOMAN

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