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The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires Fried Green Tomatoes And Steel Magnolias Meet Dracula In This Southern Flavored Supernatural Thriller Set In The S About A Women S Book Club That Must Protect Its Suburban Community From A Mysterious And Handsome Stranger Who Turns Out To Be A Blood Sucking FiendPatricia Campbell Had Always Planned For A Big Life, But After Giving Up Her Career As A Nurse To Marry An Ambitious Doctor And Become A Mother, Patricia S Life Has Never Felt Smaller The Days Are Long, Her Kids Are Ungrateful, Her Husband Is Distant, And Her To Do List Is Never Really Done The One Thing She Has To Look Forward To Is Her Book Club, A Group Of Charleston Mothers United Only By Their Love For True Crime And Suspenseful Fiction In These Meetings, They Re Likely To Discuss The FBI S Recent Siege Of Waco As Much As The Ups And Downs Of Marriage And MotherhoodBut When An Artistic And Sensitive Stranger Moves Into The Neighborhood, The Book Club S Meetings Turn Into Speculation About The Newcomer Patricia Is Initially Attracted To Him, But When Some Local Children Go Missing, She Starts To Suspect The Newcomer Is Involved She Begins Her Own Investigation, Assuming That He S A Jeffrey Dahmer Or Ted Bundy What She Uncovers Is Far Terrifying, And Soon She And Her Book Club Are The Only People Standing Between The Monster They Ve Invited Into Their Homes And Their Unsuspecting Community Every once in a while, and far less often than I would like, I pick up a book and realize within the first couple of chapters that it s something special You all know those books The ones that make you so giddy almost immediately because it s so good that you catch yourself reading all day long The ones you finish quickly but never want to end The ones you still think about today, even though you read them years ago I am thrilled to announce that THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES is absolutely one of those special books.And I m not talking about 5 star books I read a lot of 5 star books because I like to tell myself that I have impeccable taste, as do my friends who recommend the books I read too Special books are 5 star books of course, but they are so much than just a star rating I ve talked about this before, but special books have the tug You re right in the middle of reading and for whatever reason you have to put your book down to do some banal adult task It s at this point that you feel the tug It s an almost physical desire to go and pick up the book and start reading again You are hyper aware of exactly where that book is sitting, and all you want to do is follow that strong gravitational pull to it and continue the story I love that feeling It s a beautiful tease A dance of sorts between your everyday life and the world you are currently escaping into This book is everything I didn t know I wanted it to be When I started it I convinced myself that it was going to end in a campy way, and I was here for it But then things got real, really fast, and the story went in a direction that I didn t expect Hendrix offers up plenty of humor here, but there is a lot heart than I was expecting, and the I became entrenched in the life of the protagonist, Patricia, and her book club friends, the higher the stakes became Mid book I was fully invested in their lives and sitting on the edge of my seat Not only that, but there are some amazingly tense and squirm inducing events in this story Hendrix knows what makes us scared or uncomfortable, and he expertly inserts those things By the end of the book everything has changed, and you feel as if you ve been through it with each character I was shocked to find I had tears in my eyes Need I say to encourage you to pick this one up If I ve done my job correctly, you should be going to pre order this one right now Grady Hendrix s newest book comes out on April 7th You need it. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMy favorite work of Grady Hendrix s is actually his nonfiction collection of essays, PAPERBACKS FROM HELL, which is a loving homage to the horror genre that covers everything from Gothics to ghouls As someone who reads pulps on the reg, I was excited to see someone else who appreciated trash as much as I do there s something about finding an out of print gem that nobody has heard of and getting everyone excited about reading it it s like getting an ARC, but in reverse I love that feeling.I ve read some of his fiction works, too, but the two that I read HORRORSTOR and MY BEST FRIEND S EXORCISM were better in premise than they were in execution It felt gimmicky, and the writing really couldn t carry off the story, sadly That said, I was very excited when I heard about THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES One because I love vampires and if its got fangs and hunts at night, I ll read about it and two because it s set in the 1990s and books set in the 80s and 90s are so hot right now They feel claustrophobic because there s no internet no cell phones Everyone is a remote island of fear.Patricia has the ideal life nuclear family with a doctor husband, and a book club of other well to do Southern ladies Unfortunately, her book club makes the classic mistake of picking the usual slew of boring book club bait books and after being caught not reading the book of the month, she and a couple other ladies go rogue by starting their own book club where they do nothing but read true crime, horror, and mysteries Sounds like my kind of book club Where do I sign up At the same time, an old lady goes crazy and bites off part of Patricia s ear Her young relative comes home to take care of her and he s kind of weird His name is James Patricia feels sorry for James and tries to help him out, even as weird things start happening Weird things that might or might not be connected to James, the man she has invited into her home and who has become intimate with her family Everyone thinks Patricia is crazy and that all those books she s been reading have rotted her brain, but Patricia thinks she knows what she sees, and if Ann Rule s memoir has taught her anything, it s that sometimes it s the people who are closest to you who can t be trusted right So, I went into this expecting satire or comedy, and there is a bit of that, but it s mostly written straight It pays homage to a lot of vampire and horror tropes, but it reminded me most strongly of Fright Night1985 , The Burbs1989 , and maybe a dash of STEPFORD WIVES The slow feeling of doom and paranoia were so well done, and Grady Hendrix might be the only male writer I ve ever read who really understands and captures how men talk over and gaslight women There were sexist scenes in here that literally made me sick to my stomach, because I ve been in similar situations and it really sucks being painted as someone who s hysterical or shrill when you have actual concerns.In addition to the horror vibe, there s also a sense of camaraderie with the women in the book club, and even some surprisingly erotic scenes, which is a must if you re writing in the vein ha vein of vintage horror movies and books, because a key element of horror was sex The horror genre is basically the epitome of the Eros and Thanatos drives of Freudian psychology By the time the book ended, I was actually shocked at how dark and disturbing it was This was leagues better than anything else Grady Hendrix has written and I honestly can t wait to see what he does next Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars First five star of the year that wasn t a reread Finally This was book was the most fun ever But also downright disturbing at times full review to come. Yes, there were some gruesome moments, but the shiny appeal that this book brought was the portrayal of the resilience and underestimated power of the common housewife Review to comeMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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