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The Sense of an Ending By An Acclaimed Writer At The Height Of His Powers, The Sense Of An Ending Extends A Streak Of Extraordinary Books That Began With The Best Selling Arthur George And Continued With Nothing To Be Frightened Of And, Most Recently, Pulse This Intense Novel Follows A Middle Aged Man As He Contends With A Past He Has Never Much Thought About Until His Closest Childhood Friends Return With A Vengeance, One Of Them From The Grave, Another Maddeningly Present Tony Webster Thought He D Left All This Behind As He Built A Life For Himself, And By Now His Marriage And Family And Career Have Fallen Into An Amicable Divorce And Retirement But He Is Then Presented With A Mysterious Legacy That Obliges Him To Reconsider A Variety Of Things He Thought He D Understood All Along, And To Revise His Estimation Of His Own Nature And Place In The World A Novel So Compelling That It Begs To Be Read In A Single Sitting, With Stunning Psychological And Emotional Depth And Sophistication, The Sense Of An Ending Is A Brilliant New Chapter In Julian Barnes S Oeuvre.

10 thoughts on “The Sense of an Ending

  1. Petra X Petra X says:

    Just brilliant The book at first appears, right to the end, to be a rather mundane story of the life of an ordinary man who is neither perceptive about the people around him nor does he see himself in a clear light Only at the end is it apparent that there were two different stories being written at the same time a

  2. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    When Veronika said,You don t get it You never didI told myself so, why don t you tell him Grrr If only these people Barnes characters would sit down and discuss amongst themselves, then there will be no problem Then Tony Webster will not have to spend all his life trying to grapple the memories he thought to be contained in

  3. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    This is by Julian Barnes so we know it will focus on memory and its tricks Some examples but what you end up remembering isn t always the same as what you witnessed And I need to return briefly to a few incidents that have grown into anecdotes, to some approximate memories which time has deformed into certainty And again, I must stres

  4. Steve Steve says:

    Some of my closest GR friends may have noticed that I ve been less active around here lately Unfortunately, there s a reason for that It s nothing dire, but it s still sad for me to have to say As it turns out, I m going to have to hang up my spurs, albeit for reasons that have nothing to do with my friends here, and not even much to do with me

  5. Cecily Cecily says:

    This is an exploration of memory, exquisitely written as the thoughts of an old man, looking back on his life good enough to merit 5 , despite the somewhat contrived ending ironic, given the title.ImageryIt opens with six watery images an unexpected word in several of them makes themvivid , each of which form part of the story I remember, in no particula

  6. Auntjenny Auntjenny says:

    Definitely has a plot, but a pathetic one Thin characters, cliched ideas I feel annoyed by having read this book OK, there was one good quote Sometimes I think the purpose of life is to reconcile us to its eventual loss by wearing us down, by proving, however long it takes, that life isn t all it s cracked up to be But ultimately, the plot is a gimmick I don t und

  7. Emily May Emily May says:

    I think my years as a philosophy student were actually detrimental to my enjoyment of this short novel about life and memory The stuff that has left other people reeling in amazement reminded me of littlethan just another essay on the mind and the way we think, the way we interpret events and the way our memories can let us down Mr Barnes is clearly a clever man and his wri

  8. Jason Jason says:

    Tony Webster is a shallow douchebag.First of all, let s get something straight I don t believe people should be judged too harshly for behavior they exhibited in adolescence That s not to say that people are not responsible for actions they committed in their youth it just means that their actions as teenagers...

  9. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    Such was the big fat craptastic big reveal groanworthy lurid pulpy Victorian melodramatic you got to be kidding ending with no sense that the two stars this novel was hanging on to by its fingernails up to page 130 slipped out of its grasp and it ended up with the ignominious one star, but since that puts it in the same company as many much loved novels it may well be worn as a Badge Of Honour

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    This book got under my skin Not in the negative way, like what Tony, the narrator, may be doing, or trying to do, to Veronica, who 40 years ago was his first serious girlfriend, but in the way he describes how his ex wife would dress a chicken slipping butter and herbs under the skin, with a delicate hand, never breaking the outer layer I was hooked from the first page and even when I wasn t reading it,

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