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  • The Secrets Of Noh Masks
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  • 28 July 2019
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    Just a beautiful book brimming with the most exquisite photography of these mysterious masks, their history and their function in Japanese Noh Theatre.The book itself has been manufactured with the highest printing aesthetic and is a pleasure to hold, and a pleasure to read and contemplate the contents Full colour photographs, artfully composed and sensitively lit, share an intimate portrait of all aspects of each mask Interspersed with informative text that complements and guides the reader from character to character, and play to play.Useful references are included to help discover the potent messages behind each mask, be it human, fairy or demon, bringing to light one of the most ancient forms of theatre to a modern audience.Worth every cent paid

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    I bought this book to use as reference for another book I was reading Mask by Fumiko Enchi and I expected it to be good, but this exceeded my expectations There s no other way to describe it, it s just a breathtaking work of art, just like the mask themself Udaka is a master both as an interpreter and as a mask maker, and his description of the mask and it s expressions, taking especial care to explain the complexity and character of each of the 32 mask here exposed, make this book both interesting and comprensible If you are interested in Japanese culture and art, you won t be disapointed It s a fantastic book, and a true treasure.

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    The images in this book are breathtaking It truly takes an artist to create such masterworks, but it also takes an artist to photograph them properly Noh masks often look very different depending on the lighting, and these are shown off at their best My only gripe is the presence of several photos that are presented across two page spreads, effectively wrecking the images Gladly, there aren t a lot of these but there should have been none.The text is helpful, especially if you have limited knowledge of Noh characters I ve studied Noh for quite some time and I still have trouble with differentiating a few of the female masks outside the context of a performance The author does a good job explaining the differences.It should be noted that the masks here are all the work of Udaka This should not be considered an overview of Noh masks, but a portfolio of one brilliant artisan.

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    The masks are a marvel of simplicity and yet, thanks to multiple photographs at different angles, manage to display different moods and emotions Truly a remarkable way for actors to embody their characters on stage.

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    Gave this book to son as a holiday gift Gorgeous photos The book also includes the history of the NOH masks and the meaning of each mask highlighted in the book.

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The Secrets Of Noh Masks Noh is a major form of classic Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century This title introduces the work of the Noh mask artist Michishige Udaka It presents photographs of 32 typical Noh masks shot in dynamic lightings and close up angles It features captions that explain characters of each mask Noh is a major form of classic Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century Many characters are masked, with men playing both the male and female roles The repertoire is normally limited to a specific set of historical