[[ Free ePUB ]] The Second Jim Corbett Omnibus: `My India', `Jungle Lore', `Tree Tops' Author Jim Corbett – Andy-palmer.co.uk

The Second Jim Corbett Omnibus: `My India', `Jungle Lore', `Tree Tops' Jim Corbett is world famous for his classic man eater stories However, the three volumes collected here show a very different side to this remarkable man In My India, he describes the villages of the Kumaon Hills, and the customs and lifestyles of the people he encountered Jungle Lore is the closest Corbett ever came to writing an autobiography, combining recollections of his earliest days with frank views on the need for conservation which were well ahead of their time Finally, in Tree Tops, the only book Corbett set outside his beloved India, he captures the savage beauty of Kenya s wildlife as well as telling the story of the royal visit of , during which Princess Elizabeth learned she was Queen

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