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The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and their Patients A Moray Eel Diagnosed With Anorexia A Herd Of Bison Whose Only Hope Is A Crusading Female Doctor From Paris A Vet Desperately Trying To Save An Orphaned Whale By Unraveling The Mystery Of Her Mother S Death This Fascinating Book Offers A Rare Glimpse Into The World Of Exotic Animals And The Doctors Who Care For Them Here Pioneering Zoological Veterinarians Men And Women On The Cutting Edge Of A New Medical Frontier Tell Real Life Tales Of Daring Procedures For Patients Weighing Tons Or Ounces, Treating Symptoms Ranging From Broken Bones To A Broken Heart, And Life And Death Dramas That Will Forever Change The Way You Think About Wild Animals And The Bonds We Share With Them From A Root Canal On A Three Thousand Pound Hippo To One Doctor S Heartbreaking Effort To Save A Critically Ill Lemur, Here Are Acts Of Rescue, Kindness, And Cross Disciplinary Cooperation Between Zoo Vets And Other Top Scientists We Meet Highly Trained Specialists Racing Against Time And Circumstance To Save The Lives Of Some Of The Most Exotic Animals In The World Shoes Designed For Racehorses Help A Rhinoceros With A Debilitating Foot Disease A Kangaroo Survives Spinal Surgery Performed By A Leading Human Doctor These Unforgettable Stories Capture The Bonds That Develop Between Vets And Their Animal Patients, The Ingenious Measures Many Vets Have Tried, And The Remarkable New Insights Modern Medical Technology Is Giving Us Into The Physiology And Behaviors Of Wild AnimalsAt Once Heart Quickening And Clinically Fascinating, The Stories In This Remarkable Collection Represent Some Of The Most Moving And Unusual Cases Ever Taken On By Zoological Vets A Chronicle Of Discovery, Compassion, And Cutting Edge Medicine, The Rhino With Glue On Shoes Is Must Reading For Animal Lovers, Science Buffs, And Anyone Who Loves A Well Told Tale

About the Author: Lucy H. Spelman

Dr Lucy Spelman is a zoo and wildlife veterinarian and author Her work experience includes nearly ten years with the Smithsonian s National Zoo, half as staff veterinarian, and half as its director She joined the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project in October 2006 as its Africa based regional manager Dr Lucy enjoys sharing her work with others through all forms of media She and Dr Ted Mashima are the co editors of The Rhino with Glue On Shoes , and she contributed the story that gives the book its title For Lucy s full bio andabout the book, go to

10 thoughts on “The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and their Patients

  1. Julia Julia says:

    I really enjoyed this book It is a non fiction book of short stories told by several zoo veterinarians about some of their most memorable cases The include a moray eel, a tiger, a bear, in a zoo setting and in the field some of the patients include an elephant, rhinos and a silver back mountain gorilla There were some technical terms, but i

  2. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    At the Marine Mammal Center where I help as a volunteer, this book was in the gift shop and I couldn t resist the title As it turns out, our Center s leader wrote one of the stories, so it was an extra bonus for me There are twenty eight stories in this volume which are placed within five different sections, each with a specific healing focus

  3. Susan Susan says:

    In what book can you read about a hippo s root canal, a white tailed deer with earrings, chemotherapy for fish, and a kangaroo with a spinal injury In The Rhino With Glue On Shoes and Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and Their Patients, Lucy H Spelman, DVM and Ted Y Mashima, DVM have collected 28 stories from the amazing veterinarians

  4. Elliott Garber Elliott Garber says:

    When we first examined Sally the kangaroo, she lay in shock on the ground At the time, no one in the world had successfully raised a five month old orphaned baby beluga whale Our choices were decidedly few I was in Chengdu, China, preparing to perform a colonoscopy on a female giant panda with an undiagnosed intestinal disorder And so begin just

  5. Colin Colin says:

    I recieved this book a a present and was highly skeptical of it at first Frankly, I wasn t sure how good the writing could be I have found books written by doctors and vets to be poorly written overall and wasn t really all that interested in reading what I was sure would amount to clumsy case histories of various veterinary patients.I was quickly

  6. Sharon Barrow Wilfong Sharon Barrow Wilfong says:

    This was a lucky impulse buy I couldn t resist the title and the book did not disappoint.Spelman, a veterinarian, has compiled a large collection of essays by her fellow veterinarians who have exotic animals for patients We not only meet a rhino whose sore, blistering feet from the cement in the zoo, gets temporary shoes until a viable habitat is mad

  7. Brittany Brittany says:

    This book is what I expected Life at the Zoo to be like tales of quirky, interesting, touching, and at times heartrending interactions between zoo vets and animals.In this case, the book also includes the growing field of wilderness vets, taking the interesting stance that there really isn t any true wilderness left any only larger or smaller areas of

  8. Gloria Piper Gloria Piper says:

    Zoo vets relate their experiences about animals they treated, from a dung beetle with parasites to an elephant caught in a snare, from a fish with bends to a rhino with sore feet The job is not easy It can be frustrating, puzzling, and dangerous, especially when dealing with ungrateful patients But it is also immensely rewarding for the chance to work wi

  9. Kyle Kyle says:

    While I was a voluneer at the Toledo Zoo I befreinded the head vet and was given opportunities to see and do things I would not have otherwise been given Some of the stories in this book reminded me of my experience as a zoo volunteer and the interesting animals I enountered.I really enjoyed the short stories in this book Some were happy Some were not But

  10. Monique Monique says:

    This was a compilation of short stories of animal emergencies and the vets who helped them, bears, fish, dolphins, hippos, dragon fish, whales, frogs, camels, giraffes and manyVery endearing book and some amazing stories.

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