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This looks to be a compilation of what the author has covered on his youtube channel and website And as mentioned in another review no link to them The book is nice in that it puts all of the author s lessons and techniques into a single point of reference I m not 100% sure, but there just doesn t seem to be anything new here and therefore not worth the price I ve paid for it, having already been through his youtube videos, and having purchased one of the authors training videos from his website a couple of years back That very training video is now one of the projects in this book I got to pay for it twice Yay The techniques covered here are addressed in many earlier publications As an example the FAD technique I first saw explained by Calvin Hollywood many years back, and also covered in Calvin s own video training is addressed in this book and surely addressed earlier by someone else At least he gives credit No knock on the author and his talents, but I was and still am hoping for something new and perhaps a little advanced How many times are we going to see these same techniques and base level projects recycled with a new set of photos and a different author I guess I m just being a grump because I paid for the same info twice, lol.A advanced photo compositing and photo manipulation publication that included some start to finish projects like this book sure would be nice Any suggestions If you haven t seen any of his videos, or been on Kelby s site, or gone through some other photo compositing books prior Matt Kloskowski s comes to mind well then this is a good one to get started with But if you have, my opinion is that you would have already seen these techniques and would therefore be disappointed. Helps to be familiar with Photoshop This is a workbook, so expect to spend time to learn from the examples Also, there are times that it helps to know where Glyn is going with his tutorial Finally, sometimes you have to pay very close attention to the details in the example so you don t miss a step in the walk through With Photoshop, there is often than one way to get the desired result This book is five stars because Glyn shares some of his experiences and insights to get professional quality results some are quite unique If you are willing to spend the time with the workbook, you will become better and confident with Photoshop. This book has been an exercise in frustration due to several problems that could be overcome with a companion website that includes addendums and clarifications Here are a few of the problems 1 With software companies like Adobe adopting the subscription model, their products are subject to continuous change Features we ve grown accustomed to finding in one place are suddenly tucked away in another menu or panel where we can t find them Photoshop is famous for this, which the author of this book fails to take into account For example, on page 4, he writes, we can now go into Refine Edge to pick up all of those fine flyaway hairs Click the Refine Edge button at the top of the screen in the Quick Selection options Figure 1.7 The problem is, the Refine Edge button no longer exists at the top of the screen in Photoshop CC I finally figured out how to access it, but then the very next step leads into a similarly frustrating issue and so on.2 Dewis fails to explain the steps he gives to achieve a given objective, he simply lists the steps In addition, he often pushes us off of a cliff into terminology and concepts that have not been introduced I suppose he expects us to know this stuff, yet if we did, we wouldn t need his book.By far the biggest problem is that Dewis instructions include Photoshop functionalities that don t exist or have changed between the version of Photoshop he used to write the book and the latest version from Adobe For example, on page 14, step 7, he instructs us in the options bar at the top of the screen, click the Brush Preset Picker icon and choose number 112, which looks like a tiny blade of grass The problem is, the brush presets aren t numbered, and one could spend hours looking through the presets trying to find out which brush he s referring to In fact, I did a Google search on Photoshop brush 112 and found that the brush is actually from a 3rd party brush presets package by Brusheezy it isn t even included in the brush presets provided by Adobe in Photoshop it just happened to be on the author s computer, and he leaves it to his readers to figure out where to find it and how to load it onto theirs.Several other reviewers have commented on the quality of the author s free YouTube videos that they are better than the content of this book and I have to agree After struggling through the first exercise in the book, I followed his video on the same exercise and came away with a much quicker and clearer understanding of the process he even included steps in the video that he inadvertently left out of the book.These are just a few examples that I ve run across where it becomes impossible to progress past an early step in one of this book s exercises I ve bought a lot of books through over the years, and I ve come closer to returning this one than any other title I ve ever bought there s no excuse for this level of ambiguity in a book this expensive Cut the book s price in half and provide a companion website with corrections and clarifications, then release a corrected 2nd edition I feel ripped off. An excellent workbook It s not for the beginner but the information it contains is a trove of useful steps Unlike many other tutorials and workbooks, this one really works The steps are succinct and clear And so are the illustrations It is easy to follow as long as one a basic knowledge of Photoshop I highly recommend it It is kept right by my side all the time and I refer to it very frequently Even though it may be a bit expensive but well worth the cost in my opinion The Photoshop Workbook Professional Retouching And Compositing Tips,Tricks, And Techniquesreveals The Creative Skills That Photographer And Retoucher Glyn Dewis Uses For His Global Clients In This Guide You Will Learn Not Only His Step By Step Photoshop Techniques, But How And When To Apply Them So That You, Too, Can Take Your Images To A Whole New Level Glyn Starts By Covering The Individual Photoshop Skills That Are The Essential Building Blocks Of His Process Mastering Selections And Cutouts With The Pen Tool And Other Important Tools Dodging And Burning, Adding Textures, Transforming A Location, And Using The Power Of Gray For Composites Applying Lighting Effects Such As Spotlights, Beams, Realistic Shadows, Reflections, And Street Lighting To Images Creating Special Effects, Including Snow And Debris, And Turning Day Into Night Using A Nondestructive Workflow Its One Thing To Learn The Techniques, But To Master Them You Need To Understand When To Apply Them And In What Order In The Second Part Of The Book, Glyn Brings Everything Together With His Real World Projects He Covers Six Complete, Start To Finish Projectsincluding All The Images For You To Download And Follow Alongthat Show You How To Apply The Techniques To A Variety Of Scenarios, Including Character Portraits, Themed Composites, And A Landscape Glyn Dewis Is A Photographer, Retoucher, And Trainer Based Just Outside Of Oxford In The UK Working Both Nationally And Internationally, His Work Sees Him Shooting Promotional And Commercial Material For Industry Professionals, Physique Athletes, Musicians, Bands And Actors An Adobe Community Professional, Glyn Teaches Workshops And One On One Coaching Specifically Covering All Aspects Of Adobe R Photoshop R From The Basics Through Advanced Retouching Techniques, And Glyn Is An Instructor At Scott Kelby S Photoshop World Conference Glyn Can Be Found Online At Glyndewis, As Well As At His YouTube Channel, Which Has Over , Subscribers This is a great book, and it has already taken my designing to the next level within the first few pages, I improved my cutouts And not just that, it answered a lot of questions I had about how to achieve a certain technique that people either could not understand, did not know, or just did not want to tell me So I indeed had those moments where I d say to myself ahh, so that s how its done The people complaining on this thread are just those who followed Glyn on YouTube, so they feel like these techniques were nothing new and the book isn t worth the buy Although I followed, Glyn s YouTube channel I never did study all of his vids because I like to have instructions written out in front of me, and go along with whatever I m being taught Of course there were certain techs in this book im sure many people already knew, but however, these common techniques are essential to creating great composites in Photoshop, that everyone and especially newbies should know, in order to grow as a designer I tip my hat to Glyn for this book and it is worth the money. The Photoshop Workbook: Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (English Edition) eBook: Glyn Dewis: Tienda Kindle

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Photoshop Workbook: Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (English Edition) eBook: Glyn Dewis: Tienda Kindle book, this is one of the most wanted Glyn Dewis author readers around the world.

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