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    Lo compr de segunda mano La tapa externa ten a unos desperfectos, pero eran de haberlo abierto Por dentro est nuevo Lo recomiendo para fans

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    This is a great paperback table book all about the original movie JURASSIC PARK It is in full color and just a wonderful book to have This is a replacement book I originally bought over twenty or so years ago I lost my first copy in a bad water breakage in my home recently I wasn t sure I could replace it since it had been out of print for so long, but then I found it on good ol It s good to know that has even the old classic books Thanks Anyway, if you like the Jurassic Park movies, especially the first outing, then I think you ll like reading this companion book of this classic film.

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    I put this in with a other Jurassic Park gifts for my husband for his birthday And this was such a cool item He spent a lot of time looking through this He absolutely loves the movie so this was a nice gift for him.

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    A must have for JP super fans Story boards and script ideas not found anywhere else Great quality.

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    An awesome book documenting one of hollywoods best pictures A true collection of facts that describes how they made Earths 65 million year old lizard to the big screen.

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    Ever wanted to know the behind the scenes of the amazing movie Jurassic Park With this fully descriptive book you can A must have for all Jurassic Park enthusiasts Easy read, lots of pictures

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The Making of "Jurassic Park" Based on Michael Crichton s bestselling novel of the same name, Steven Spielberg s film Jurassic Park concerns a scientist who discovers a way to clone dinosaurs from sequences of DNA extracted from fossilized mosquito blood trapped in amber This book takes readers on a trip behind the scenes, examining the development of the dinosaur models and the graphics, and interviewing the actors and crew, and Spielberg himself.