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The Luminaries It Is , And Young Walter Moody Has Come To Make His Fortune Upon The New Zealand Goldfields On The Stormy Night Of His Arrival, He Stumbles Across A Tense Gathering Of Twelve Local Men Who Have Met In Secret To Discuss A Series Of Unexplained Events A Wealthy Man Has Vanished, A Prostitute Has Tried To End Her Life, And An Enormous Fortune Has Been Discovered In The Home Of A Luckless Drunk Moody Is Soon Drawn Into The Mystery A Network Of Fates And Fortunes That Is As Complex And Exquisitely Ornate As The Night Sky Richly Evoking A Mid Nineteenth Century World Of Shipping, Banking, And Gold Rush Boom And Bust, The Luminaries Is A Brilliantly Constructed, Fiendishly Clever Ghost Story And A Gripping Page Turner

About the Author: Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton born 1985 is a New Zealand author Catton was born in Canada while her father, a New Zealand graduate, was completing a doctorate at the University of Western Ontario She lived in Yorkshire until the age of 13, before her family settled in Canterbury, New Zealand She studied English at the University of Canterbury, and completed a Master s in Creative Writing at The Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University of Wellington She wrote her first novel, The Rehearsal, as her master s thesis.Eleanor Catton holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop, where she also held an adjunct professorship, and an MA in fiction from the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington Currently she teaches creative writing at the Manukau Institute of Technology.

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  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    The curious case of the 3 star reviewI reviewed The Luminaries for We Love This Book a web magazine that is now defunct here I ll simply attempt to explain why I gave such an accomplished book only 3 stars It s just the sort of book I should have given 5 stars my MA is in Victorian Lit., Charles Dickens is a favorite author, and I adore historical fiction, particularly Victorian pastiche Possession, The Crimson Petal and the White and Engli

  2. Luke Luke says:

    I am ashamed.I am a foolish reader who, like many, take on a booker short list, or a booker winner, and expect it to wow me And it did, and it didn t I have an unsophisticated mind.To any reader who reads books as an art critic views a great master, they will read and hear the subtleties of the writer s mind as they structure their work, layer upon layer, until a masterpiece is drawn They will see and know the influences that formed the concept and

  3. Jennifer (aka EM) Jennifer (aka EM) says:

    I m abandoning this book, with regret for having read it against my better judgement, withoutthorough research And yes, I m two starring and reviewing an unfinished book If that offends you to your very core, then stop reading now You ve been warned 1 There s a trend among reviews of three stars or less on this book to say things like I ll simply attempt to explain why I gave such an accomplished book only 3 stars It s just the sort of book I should have gi

  4. Jaidee Jaidee says:

    5 superlative, intricate and fascinating stars 4th Favorite Read of 2015 Wow just wow This is a very long book and so I developed a quiz to see if you are a potential reader of this most amazing tome.1 Did you love The Alienist by Caleb Carr 2 Did you adore Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel 3 Do you like your mysteries intelligent, complex and compelling 4 Do you like stories with elements of the supernatural, murder, blackmail and intrigue 5 Do you like your women wicked

  5. switterbug (Betsey) switterbug (Betsey) says:

    Twelve men meet at the Crown Hotel in Hokitika, New Zealand, in January, 1866 A thirteenth, Walter Moody, an educated man from Edinburgh who has come here to find his fortune in gold, walks in As it unfolds, the interlocking stories and shifting narrative perspectives of the twelve now thirteen men bring forth a mystery that all are trying to solve, including Walter Moody, who has just gotten off the Godspeed ship with secrets of his own that intertwine with the other men

  6. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend An impressive literary feat intricate, challenging, and singularly structured to mimic the waning moon that will likely appeal to fans of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins or anyone in the mood for a demanding mystery of coincidence and collusion laced with corpses, prostitutes, and buried treasure Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend An i

  7. Antonomasia Antonomasia says:

    4.5 A rip roaring yarn and awe inspiring use of experimental form it s not every day you see that in a book Like Catton s previous near masterpiece, The Rehearsal, this suffers from a rather misleading cover The illustration, and the very title The Luminaries seem to allude to a different world entirely a world of drawing rooms, and calling cards, and gowns p.31 not a mystery adventure involving gold prospectors, prostitutes, drug addiction and frontier town bigwigs One likely t 4.5 A rip

  8. Maureen Jansen Maureen Jansen says:

    I m a New Zealander like the author Everyone here is raving about this book including people who write great novels themselves I m feeling pretty miserable about the fact that I couldn t get into it, forced myself to read halfway, started again and then gave up in despair I liked the beginning, started to identify with the first character, Moody, then lost the plot when the other 14 or so main characters took over the story The faux 19th century style felt slightly forced and the sentences w I m

  9. mark monday mark monday says:

    Aries the Ram thrusts forward, discarding the past except as a symbol of what has been overcome Fearsome, single minded Aries This book does not fall under the sign of Aries it is invested in the past, it is enchanted by it The past is such an important part of the novel that the narrative continues after its climactic resolution with a series of escalating chapters that take the reader back to where it all began The Luminaries characters live under the shadow of their own pasts, they judg Aries the Ram

  10. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    The proper way to understand any social system was to view it from aboveEleanor Catton, The Luminaries There is certainly a lot to like about Eleanor s novel Its structure is fascinatingly clever and reminds me a lot of the way Nabokov divided Ada, or Ardor Part 1 360 pgs, Part 2 160 pgs, Part 3 104 pgs, Part 4 96 pgs, Part 5 40 pages, Part 6 26 pages, Part 7 13 pages, Part 8 10 pgs, Part 9 6 pgs, Part 10 6 pgs, Part 11 4 pages, Part 12 4 pages Or looked at slightly differenThe proper way to understand any socia

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