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The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones My son lives and breathes Indiana Jonesas such, when I saw this on , I knew right away who had to have it I purchased it in anticipation of Christmas coming on quick, but after a very long day of helping out his dad with firewood, I decided it was a great reward HE IS OVER THE MOON WITH IT it is filled with all kinds of info about Indy s adventures..photos, info, facts, everything an Indiana fan would love He has been an I Jones fan since he was about 4 yrs old, he is now 9 and is still enad with the whole series I guess he will be a life long fan, and any fan that devoted, should have this journal. What an inventive product a journal exploring the many adventures of Indiana Jones ranging from childhood Young Indiana Jones Chronicles through the movies ending with the recent Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.The journal was written by Indiana himself, containing many pictures, drawings, and notes on his exploits It is reminiscent of Henry Sr s Grail Diary in The Last Crusade It goes chronologically through the series and was apparently found by the Russians They provide many annotations, linking and explaining the details of certain entries, pictures, characters, and notes.This is a GREAT companion piece to the films It is a little pricey for its contents, so I recommend looking around for cheaper price tags before purchasing it If you can t find it cheaper, GET IT ANYWAY I actually found my copy on It came at the sales price of 5 because it contained a publisher s mark which was only a black marker line above the pages on the top of the book A minor detail, because the book was still new and was 20 off the original price of 25.If you want to collect essential Indiana Jones memorabilia, then this is a must If you are a passing fan, then it is still recommended because it has countless details for the average fan. It s a great book with all of the indiana jones movies including the crystal skull It has wonderful images that was in the movies and some that I don t think were in the movies it includes a photo of indies dead mother, entries made by shortround, and detaled illustrations and descriptions of all of the settings and artifacts in full color they even explain why the cover and the pages don t look origional It really is a fantastic purchase, 100% worth the oney. This is a great book, if you re a fan It s especially fun to read when you re watching the movie Have kids They ll LOVE this It s a fantastic, fun in world companion to the film I do wish it had a bit information, or delved deeper in I d have really liked to have taken some of the information to a new level additional background on things that weren t in the movie, or some secret character development but that wish list doesn t detract from the fun The book is well made, the cover is lovely, and the content great I gotta admit, despite being probably the world s most devoted Indy fan, when I first sawThe Lost Journal of Indiana Jones, I really didn t think too much of it With the impending release ofIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I fully expect to see a virtual tidal wave of movie tie in merchandise leading up to the May 22nd Premiere Some of it cheesy see my blog review of the Indiana Jones Adventure Spoon and some of it great This is definitely in the great category.But, as a devoted Indy fan, I bought it anyway could I do anything else and it s really a clever idea It s not a book but a scrapbook The premise such as there is is that the KGB some how came into the possession of Dr Jones Jr s diary in Peru, South America, in 1957 It was later inherited by the mythical Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and was consequently released to the public This is all established by a sort of page seal that fits over the front cover The back has a little of the back story on a label designed to be cleanly removed This is intentional as the book itself is made out of a faux leather type material and has an elastic band to keep the book closed It s obviously been designed to resemble Dr Jones, Sr s Grail Diary seen inIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade Special Edition.The inside of the book contains only a minimum of text, mostly being devoted to hand drawn maps, taped in letters, pictures, and memorabilia of the kind that you d expect from Jones adventurous life.It s really a clever idea, pioneered by similar products likeLucy Desi The Real Life Scrapbook of America s Favorite TV Couple.This is definitely a must have for any fans It ll take a place of honor next to my Indiana Jones Khyber Bowie Knife From the scorching sands of Cairo to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, this personal journal of Dr Henry Indiana Jones, Jr chronicles every thrilling adventure, from the original Raiders of the Lost Arkto the eagerly anticipated fourth feature film Filled with sketches, notes and jottings in the great man s own hand, and accompanied by rare archive photos and much material never published before, the journal records the artefacts and discoveries, the folklore and the characters not to mention the narrow escapes and heroic escapades encountered on each of his globetrotting travels For Indiana Jones fans old and new who wish to recapture the excitement of these legendary films in book form, The Lost Journal of Indiana Jonesprovides a uniquely vivid inside view of the swashbuckling world of cinema s most popular adventurer.

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