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The Little Prince A pilot stranded in the desert awakes one morning to see, standing before him, the most extraordinary little fellow Please, asks the stranger, draw me a sheep And the pilot realizes that when life s events are too difficult to understand, there is no choice but to succumb to their mysteries He pulls out pencil and paper Thus begins this wise and enchanting fable that, in teaching the secret of what is really important in life, has changed the world forever for its readersOften seen as a symbol of childhood innocence, Antoine de Saint Exupery s best selling book The Little Prince is cherished by children and adults alike across the globe Ideal for children agedand upThis beautiful edition contains the definitive translation and all the original illustrations The Little Prince joins the ranks of A Little Princess, The Secret Garden Peter Pan as a genuine children s classic of the twentieth centuryAntoine De Saint Exup ry was born inin Lyon In , he began his training as a pilot By , he had became one of the pioneers of international postal flight Inhe embarked on a record breaking attempt to fly from Paris to Saigon Nineteen hours into the flight, his plane crashed in the Sahara desert He survived the crash but spent three days battling dehydration, limited food and hallucinations On the fourth day, the was rescued In part, this experience was the inspiration for The Little Prince He continued to fly until World War II, during which he took self imposed exile OnJuly , he disappeared over the Mediterranean while flying a reconnaissance mission

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    Mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba ,el libro est perfecto, la tapa dura, es mas grande de lo que me imaginaba S lo un pero y es que tiene una esquinita de la funda que cubre las tapas rota, pero bueno, por lo demas perfecto

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    Me gust mucho la calidad del materia, la tapa dura es preciosa y la sobre tapa tambi n est bien Lo nico que hech en falta es que est precintadopero lleg igualmente en buenas condiciones.

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    He recibido la versi n de tapa dura, la que no tiene la portada original o m s com n Aunque los materiales sean mejores, esperaba obtener el producto que hab a pedido tapa blanda y no ste.

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    Ha cumplido mis expectativas Buen material y presentaci n cuidada Tama o adecuado He quedado satisfecha con la compra de este libro

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    No puedo hablar de calidad, porque fue un regalo que se le envi directamente a la persona Pero lleg en el tiempo previsto.

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    This a children s book for kids and grown ups.The writing is magical, and the characters are completely unforgettable.It is a a book you can read over and over again, and every time you read it,you can find hidden truths within its content.

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    This is my first time reading this book I d never heard of it until I saw the movie a few years ago which I thought was a delight I really enjoyed The Little Prince The movie does it justice The book is narrated by an elderly man who met the prince many years before in the desert I wasn t expecting this and thought the Prince would be narrator The Little Prince is delightful This book can be read as a fairytale with an alien Prince travelling the cosmos, visiting different planets and meeting a strange array of characters There are also morals and wisdom to be found The version I read also includes colour images which enhance the story.

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    The Little Prince opens with the author s test to differentiate an enlightened child like imagination from that of a serious minded adult This assessment involves a picture of a snake which has recently swallowed an elephant Boring old adults, glancing at the narrow head and tail of the snake with a big lump in the middle, see a hat.For me, Antoine de Saint Exup ry s novella gave rise to concerns about passing the snake test How should I react to an odd story of a pilot who crash lands in the Sahara and meets a boy from outer space This extraterrestrial boy reaches Earth via tiny asteroids variously populated by a king with no subjects, a drinker who drinks because he is ashamed of drinking, a business man setting about owning the stars, a vain man with no one to praise him but himself, a geographer who doesn t know where anything is, and a lamp lighter who has to light and extinguish his lamps every few seconds on his minuscule world The description of these characters might set me thinking about various topics, from materialism to the nature of power The problem is, given the book s fanciful tone, such an earnest reading seems wrong It s like failing the snake test and seeing a boring old hat Conversely, seeing the book as nothing than the hallucinogenic whimsy of an exhausted pilot probably wouldn t be right either, bearing in mind that The Little Prince has sold hundreds of millions of copies, and enjoyed extensive critical appreciation devoted to its deeper meanings.So what to do One answer might be to view The Little Prince not as a work of spiritual guidance, but as a story, which is what it is An author setting himself up as some kind of guru is always vulnerable to the fact that changing circumstances eventually make a nonsense of any advice See with your heart and not your eyes is a famous bit of advice from The Little Prince Well, yes I get the point, until I see people making emotional decisions when they would be better served acting rationally This is where a story has an advantage over something factual A story in its fictional nature has a naturally light touch, offering a quiet and humane acknowledgement that any guidance it provides may have no substance at all.This makes it hard to give a star rating Do I rate for good advice, or bad advice, or for no advice at all I don t know As a purely personal kind of response I will give 4 stars to an interesting, quirky, funny and moving story.Note there are some copy errors in this edition.

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    this has been my favourite book ever since i read it 2 decades ago, and nothing will ever beat it Every adult must read it once in their lives to understand the true essence of life, love and friendships It takes around 1.5h to read it so it s a quick read too and well worth it a whole another book has been written with just the deep quotes from this book Makes a great present for every occasion as well.

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    An amazing story, beautifully illustrated, beautiful storyline This is a nice read for all ages, but particularly 7 , as it holds a few moralistic messages and good values to live by.The book is also now available on film Christmas 2015 , look out for it on DVD, when it comes out One for the whole family, moments of emotion hankies at the ready, Mum s Dad s.The trailer was shared to us by our good friend neighbour author, Dom Conlon look out for his books and apps on here and Inkology We bought the book after watching the film and our Daughter almost 9 years has read it over and over in a matter of days.

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    This book was recommended to me by a friend, following a conversation about one of the topics covered in the book The story is fantastic and, like nothing I ve ever read, transcends age and culture to offer to everyone something different This is a must read for anyone and everyone.

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    I have always liked the illustrated story of the Little Prince As I have some French learnt as a child I enjoy reading the French with the English close by Even if you have just the English version with its quirky illustration it is still a delight for all ages.

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    This is a very short but thought provoking read that casts some new light on how we choose to view, and connect with, the world and universe around us Much to think about.

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    The story is beautifully written It is in turn both full of sorrow and joy It also contains a moral view, a social critic an admonishment of certain of human flaws.

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