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The Lake of Souls (The Saga of Darren Shan) I loved all of these books I realize they are meant for teens and younger readers, but then again, so are the Harry Potter series books and my husband and I read and love all of those as well.I think this is a great series to catch the fancy of younger people who may not be enthusiast readers yet, but with the right material could become lifelong readers with this series because of its use of vampires, etc., to instill themes of friendship and loyalty in the young readers There is also no cursing or deep use of occult arts to worry about for our Christian readership, just the strong themes of loyalty and sacrifice within the friendships the main character develops. read all the other books first or you will be lost A great ending to the series A lot of times I am not a fan of this kind of ending but with this entire series just a spectacular read, I am absolutely in respect of this ending Darren Shan brings you to the lowest points and to the highest points throughout the series and always keeps the reader hooked and wanting I believe Shan put a lot of emotion into the last book in his own way of saying A great ending is a great story and in this case, it was a heroic ending Maybe it was just me but I actually teared up in the last few pages, just amazed at how it all comes to an end but, as well, starts a new beginning. I love this series and I can only imagine what I will do when I m finished it I can t really say anything without giving anything away All I can say though is it will surprise you I am so glad I got Devin, Courtney, Zack, Daniel and maybe Mr.C reading this series I hope they all love it as much as I do, and as always I can t wait to start the next one If you like adventure, just like in the other 9 books, you ve come to the right place I really enjoyed this book I started it about a month ago And only stopped because I graduated from high school and couldn t check it out But as soon as I could I downloaded it on to the kindle, and man do I love this series If you like this don t forget to check out the other series by Darren Shawn zom b It s pretty great if you didn t guess that one is about zombies It s from a new perspective that I d never seen and would recommend both this book, cirque du freak, and zoom b to anyone I know. The Lives Of Darren And Harkat Are At Risk As They Face Monstrous Obstacles On A Desperate Quest To The Lake Of Souls

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