The Indian in the Cupboard –

The Indian in the Cupboard I bought this book for my grandson and decided to read it too As an adult, I really enjoyed the story and the fantasy I also liked the lessons Omri learned as the owner of two small people He learned to be responsible, brave, and to make tough decisions This is a great book for kids and adults Will be ordering for my other grandchildren. My fourth grader loved this book I remember seeing the movie as a kid and thought the book might be fun for him He absolutely loved it It runs the full gamut of emotions He would go from amazed to excited to sad He really got into the book It is the exciting and magic story of a boy who comes across a magic cupboard that brings toys to life It was a good fit for my 4th grader. A fun book to read with the kids All 3 are enjoying it ages 7, 10 and 12 There are only a few British terms and words that the kids are confused about but nothing that we can t quickly explain We re looking forward to then watching the movie and comparing the 2. Love this book, just like I was 8 years old all over again, and I m 38 now so that was quite a while ago My two sons absolutely loved it 7 and 9, so it still resonates today When Omri S Plastic Indian, Put In An Unusual Cupboard Overnight, Comes To Life, Omri Has A New Friend Who Can Teach Him About Another Culture And Another Time

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