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The Girl on the Train Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN 9781594633669Rachel Catches The Same Commuter Train Every Morning She Knows It Will Wait At The Same Signal Each Time, Overlooking A Row Of Back Gardens She S Even Started To Feel Like She Knows The People Who Live In One Of The Houses Jess And Jason , She Calls Them Their Life As She Sees It Is Perfect If Only Rachel Could Be That Happy And Then She Sees Something Shocking It S Only A Minute Until The Train Moves On, But It S Enough Now Everything S Changed Now Rachel Has A Chance To Become A Part Of The Lives She S Only Watched From Afar Now They Ll See She S Much Than Just The Girl On The Train

About the Author: Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins is the author of the 1 New York Times bestseller The Girl on the Train, which was made into a major motion picture Her new novel of psychological suspense, Into The Water, is coming May 2.

10 thoughts on “The Girl on the Train

  1. karen karen says:

    I once read a book by a former alcoholic where she described giving oral sex to two different men, men she d just met in a restaurant on a busy London high street I read it and I thought, I m not that bad This is where the bar is set.oh, yeah this one is going to

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    Esssscuse me Is this seat taken Thanks I like to sits bys the wimdow Would you likes a little bit of wine You know what they say, a little vino would be keen o No Mores for me then Oh, check it out BURP WhatwasIsaying Oh, sees that house over there going by That used to be my h

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    Something bad happened Are you ready for a faster paced, creepier Gone Girl Woah This is one unsettling little thriller and the best bit about it is that no one can be trusted, including the three female narrators who share the storytelling of this book I literally read this en

  4. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    I read this book due to the fact that everyone else read it Yes, mom I would jump off the cliff right behind everyone else These are some fucked up characters I think the new trend in books where every one of the characters is an asshole may be the way to go if you are writing a book that yo

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    I just sent a 3 page, 3,000 word email about why I didn t like this book to a friend, and I still feel the urge to express myself I suppose that tells you just how much I disliked it.This thing is a hot mess, the writing is clumsy, there are things that don t make any sense, the characters are path

  6. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    4.5 stars Everyone in this book is absolutely terrible, and as a result, this book is a masterpiece in character study and development It s also a well written, precisely plotted psychological thriller, and deftly sketches one unreliable narrator after another I guessed the culprit not too far into

  7. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Depressing from start to finish Most every single character was a hot mess I have literally no idea why there are so many 5 star ratings It kind of scares me If this kind of garbage is what the masses find appealingI mean..I didn t care at all about the mystery It didn t even feel like there was one It just felt

  8. Regan Regan says:

    Good read but the ending fell a little flat for me

  9. Holly Holly says:

    What a huge disappointment The concept sounded amazing, and it got off to a promisingif slowstart But it quickly turned into this messy, melodramatic story that was neither surprising, or original Much like in Gone Girl, there was not a single likable character in the entire book That wasn t the main problem for me, though I

  10. Matthew Matthew says:

    I tried to enjoy it I swear I did The hype told me that I had to I wasn t bad, but it wasn t good either I never really cared about the story and ALL of the characters were unlikeable Sometimes characters are unlikeable in a good way, but not this time.At no point was I excited to be reading this Side note added 4 5 2017 Kinda silly

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