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The Gamer's Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Video Game Design Making A Successful Video Game Is Hard Even Games That Are Well Received At Launch May Fail To Engage Players In The Long Term Due To Issues With The User Experience UX That They Are Delivering That S Why Makers Of Successful Video Games Like Fortnite And Assassin S Creed Invest Both Time And Money Perfecting Their UX Strategy These Top Video Game Creators Know That A Bad User Experience Can Ruin The Prospects For Any Game, Regardless Of Its Budget, Scope, Or Ambition The Game UX Accounts For The Whole Experience Players Have With A Video Game, From First Hearing About It To Navigating Menus And Progressing In The Game UX As A Discipline Offers Guidelines To Assist Developers In Creating The Optimal Experience They Want To Deliver, Including Shipping Higher Quality Games Whether Indie, Triple A Or Serious Games And Meeting Business Goals All While Staying True To Design Vision And Artistic Intent At Its Core, UX Is About Understanding The Gamer S Brain Understanding Human Capabilities And Limitations To Anticipate How A Game Will Be Perceived, The Emotions It Will Elicit, How Players Will Interact With It, And How Engaging The Experience Will Be This Book Is Designed To Equip Readers Of All Levels, From Student To Professional, With Cognitive Science Knowledge And User Experience Guidelines And Methodologies These Insights Will Help Readers Identify The Ingredients For Successful And Engaging Video Games, Empowering Them To Develop Their Own Unique Game Recipe Efficiently, While Providing A Better Experience For Their Audience The Gamer S Brain How Neuroscience And UX Can Impact Video Game Design Is Written By Celia Hodent A UX Expert With A PhD In Psychology Who Has Been Working In The Entertainment Industry For Over Years, Including At Prominent Companies Such As Epic Games Fortnite , Ubisoft, And LucasArts Major Themes Explored In This Book Provides An Overview Of How The Brain Learns And Processes Information By Distilling Research Findings From Cognitive Science And Psychology Research In A Very Accessible Way Topics Covered Include Neuromyths , Perception, Memory, Attention, Motivation, Emotion, And Learning Includes Numerous Examples From Released Games Of How Scientific Knowledge Translates Into Game Design, And How To Use A UX Framework In Game Development Describes How UX Can Guide Developers To Improve The Usability And The Level Of Engagement A Game Provides To Its Target Audience By Using Cognitive Psychology Knowledge, Implementing Human Computer Interaction Principles, And Applying The Scientific Method User Research Provides A Practical Definition Of UX Specifically Applied To Games, With A Unique Framework Defines The Most Relevant Pillars For Good Usability Ease Of Use And Good Engage Ability The Ability Of The Game To Be Fun And Engaging , Translated Into A Practical Checklist Covers Design Thinking, Game User Research, Game Analytics, And UX Strategy At Both A Project And Studio Level This Book Is A Practical Tool That Any Professional Game Developer Or Student Can Use Right Away And Includes The Most Complete Overview Of UX In Games Existing Today

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  1. Paolo Paolo says:

    un libro de UX enfocado al desarrollo de videojuegos Pocas im genes pero un contenido muy valioso que ayuda a pensar primero en quien va a jugar los videojuegos que supuestamente desarrollaremos.

  2. Adolfredo Sembergman Adolfredo Sembergman says:


  3. Kraken Kraken says:

    I m frequently asked for recommendations from people who are interested in game design and or UX design for games and other than referencing some of Tufte s work, Don Norman s Design of Everyday Things, and Jesse Schell s A Book of Lenses I start to run out of good material for them This adds one to the list.Celia Hodent has

  4. Jeff! Jeff! says:

    The Gamer s Brain doesn t beg you to take UX seriously It approaches the concept from the ground up, building a picture of the titular Gamer s Brain and showing rather than telling how UX is sewn into the fabric of good game design By the time Hodent establishes this picture, you ll be than ready for the second half, in which

  5. Loic Loic says:

    As a non designer person, I absolutely loved Celia s book as it gave me the perfect combination between helping me understand how the brain works and how that can help me in my day to day work since while I am not designing games per say, I am designing Community Experiences for players and the knowledge I acquired through this

  6. Dan Felder Dan Felder says:

    This book is fantastic Nearly every chapter has extraordinary, practical information that gave me a new and deep understanding of my field From the way forgetting curves interact with tutorial pacing to the way peripheral vision informs HUD design, this book is 110% worth your time Get it, read it, learn It ll save you weeks of

  7. ReeseSkyshadow ReeseSkyshadow says:

    I discovered this book thanks to talented Game Spectrum French Youtuber.Celia Hodent a French philosopher She worked from a lot of compagny, suck Epic Game Fornite.She explained how UX in the game design can control the brain of gamer This book is both terrifying and fabulous Our brains are really scalable and triple A companies

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