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The Film Developing Cookbook: Vol 2 (Alternative Process Photography) The Film Developing Cookbook Is An Up To Date Manual For Photographic Film Development Techniques This Book Concentrates On Films, Their Characteristics, And The Developers Each Requires For Maximum Control Of The Resulting ImageThe Film Developing Cookbook Specifically Addresses The Difficult Subject Of T Grain Film Development It Includes Rarely Found Information On Film Development And The Nature Of Film DevelopersThis Book Will Help Photographers Acquire A Working Knowledge Of Photographic Chemistry That Is Relevant To Black And White Film Developing And Serve As A Reference And Refresher For Photographers At All Stages Of Their Skill This Companion To The Darkroom Cookbook Will Help Photographers Become Familiar With Different Developer Formulas For Achieving A Wide Range Of Pictorial Effects, And Teach Them How To Mix And Use Photographic Solutions From Scratch Even To Create New Ones Many Of The Developing Formulas And Archival Fixing Solutions Contained In The Film Developing Cookbook Have Never Before Been Presented The Authors Take Bold And Controversial Stances On Many Widely Accepted Film Developing Dogmas They Tackle Many Of The Widely Accepted Myths Of Film Development They Reject The Trend Toward Scientific Evaluation Of Films And Developers In Favor Of The Photographer Developing A Personal Aesthetic Without Relying Exclusively On Densitometry Or HD CurvesTopics Covered In This Manual Include Films Developer Ingredients Types Of Developers Formulas Speed Increasing Mixing And Storing Stock Solutions Stop Baths, Fixers, And Washing Safety Chemical And Equipment Suppliers Recommended Development Time For Hundreds Of Films And Developers

About the Author: Steve Anchell

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Film Developing Cookbook: Vol 2 (Alternative Process Photography) book, this is one of the most wanted Steve Anchell author readers around the world.

6 thoughts on “The Film Developing Cookbook: Vol 2 (Alternative Process Photography)

  1. Jose Luis Jose Luis says:

    Es un libro interesante para los aficionados a la fotografa qumica Lo nico en contra es que hay que traducirlo del ingles.

  2. Bob Baird Bob Baird says:

    I practically memorized the original edition of this book It was THE definitive guide to black and white film and developing processes Then, for a number of years, I was out of the B upon reviewing current books on B W films and processing, I discovered that this book is STILL the definitive work I read through it enough to tell it IS still the best single reference for DIY B W photograph

  3. Ken Ken says:

    Here is the long and the short of it This is a wonderful book I have looked at dozens of photography books, and what seems like hundreds of magazines, and I am positive that none of them contain the wealth of information that Steve Anchell in collaboration with Bill Troop puts in this book or in Steve s other books for that matter If you are interested in making the most of your black and white ph

  4. Robert Robert says:

    Anyone who is developing black and white knows that there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there Kodak wants you to agitate the film a certain way, Ilford says to do it another way Which developer do I use, and why This book gives very logical and satisfactory answers to these questions It allowed me to figure out how I was going to standardize my technique for the films that I am going to use Don t b

  5. John H. Henderson John H. Henderson says:

    This book is what the name suggests a book of recipes for photographic chemicals I personally won t be mixing my own developers in the near future, but found the book helpful in choosing my own film and developer from those commercially available The margin notes are full of informative tidbits such as the suggestion that tabular grain films only benefit the profit margin of the manufacturers The bulk of the book d

  6. S. Bienstock S. Bienstock says:

    this is my go to in my darkroom in conjunction with the Darkroom Cookbook

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