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    Es el tercer libro de la serie, como los otros me han encantado No solamente teje Baldacci unas historias que te atrapan, de paso te enteras como funcionan ciertas cosas, no solamente dilectivas, en el mundo, de como funcionan compa as actuales en este momento de las cuales nos servimos y realmente no tenemos ni idea y sus peligros, y como funcionan los multibles brazos de la ley He pasado un excelente rato ley ndolo Me confieso fan de David Baldacci

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    Brilliant writing yet again On holiday to alex s sister for her nieces birthday Amos goes along as he has nothing on at the time Small Mid West town with minimal employment yet people have money and people are dying How can Amos not get involved This book shows a different side to him when he is with 6 yr old Zoe as he thinks of his own daughter Cant wait for the next chapter in his life.

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    Another great read in the Amos Decker series Characters that you can get behind and a storyline that moves quickly enough to keep you involved at all times.

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    I do like David Baldacci books having read everyone however I found this story rather tedious Amos who in the previous books I have enjoyed as a character because of the special skill he has due to a sport injury he received and how that skill plays out in the unfolding story lines seems to have lost that skill in this book This then means that the story becomes a run of the mill whodunnit It is also not very entertaining and in fact rather convoluted as shown by the rather long explanation at the end of how all the various plot lines come together I almost gave it a two star but recognise the skill of David B as a story teller even if I did not enjoy it.

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    I h ave just finished reading this book as I couldn t put it down It always seems very personal to me, I live Amos Decker and feel for him and all he gets involved with Yet again a very readable book and can t wait for the next one

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    I was disappointed with this story For the most part, it reads like any run of the mill crime thriller because the key factor in Decker s personality seems to have disappeared There are a few allusions to it as the story progresses especially when he gets another bump on the head and some of his intrinsic skills seem temporarily to have disappeared like most of the usual clever twists and turns in this otherwise exciting series There s a clever and witty reference to the link a character makes between Decker s forename and a famous TV series from the mid 20th century There is a very sophisticated and well written sub plot involving Decker s relationship and conversations with the recently, tragically bereaved niece of his cop partner However, the story lacks the customary intrigue and mystery as it goes along Towards the end is an overwhelming load of who dunnit and how they all dunnit script which is tedious Hopefully a Book 5 if there is to be one can improve on this not a hard task to achieve.

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    It was a real surprise when David Baldacci introduced the character of Amos Decker with his strange memory and his way of working He has become a favorite investigator with his constant re evaluation of the crime scenes, the people involved, the possible ins and outs of a situation This time Baldacci takes away a bit of his memory s powers and yet Amos Decker gets to the bottom of a very involved and dangerous situation Fast moving story filled with twists and turns The plot is incredibly original and the ending is alway too far for the reader and at the same time too close because you don t want the book to end.

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    I have always struggled with this character Amos Decker but as I generally enjoy David Baldacci s work I have persevered Personally I preferred, say, the Camel Club or Robie the one off Last Man Standing was one of the very best and I cannot understand why someone of Baldacci s stature would write FYI in a speech dialogue it that what people say Sadly this book has a very thin story line buried treasure really does X mark the spot , characters with little depth, it was obviously from the go get that some characters and the FC were involved At the end, eventually, there were lots of loose ends If there is an Amos Decker 5, sorry I will not bother.

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    The story was predictable and not up to his usual standards There were several storylines that were implied but never really pursued I have read nearly every book Baldacci has written, most of them within hours of release and none of them have disappointed me as much as this one Poorly developed characters, Decker barely used his greatest asset, the reason he is called The Memory Man , it could be just another detective story.Not impressed by this one If his next book is like this, then I m not buying any of his books Painting by numbers this was Very disappointing.

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    I write this review based on my decades of experiences as a consumer, top 500 reviewer and genuine read any or listen to virtually any book or subject matter.I have read virtually all of Baldacci s books including this, the first in the decker series I have also read the next three in the same series I do a lot of reading but also listen to the UNABRIDGED audio book versions I can go on a journey, listen to an hours worth of audio and easily find the stoping audio spot to continue in the book.An FBI consultant who has as a result of a brain injury, the ability for total recall of everything he reads, sees or hears.A phenomenal ability for an investigator.On holiday, just happens to stumble over a double murder in small dirt poor town in rural America, cue the banjos.There is a series of unlikely events coincidences.Hey presto the good guy wins.OVERALL it is enough to say that the characters are implausible, the plot improbable, the investigation unbelievable but the book is a simple entertaining read listen The series improves.

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    Another brilliant story with Amos Decker growing and showing a human side than ever before David Baldacci creates such strong images you really feel you are there That you can see and feel the town and the characters.If you like great story telling with solid believeable plots coupled with unexpected twists this author is for you.

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    The poorest book of the Decker series If read this first it would ve been the last The main character seemed to wrap certain elements of the case up out of thin air without a hint to the reader where his theories came from Can only put it down to the author being as in a rush to finish the book as I was.

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    The Amos Decker series are by far the best series I have come across in recent times, and this last one I have been unable to put down The conversations with the little girl Zoe at times brought tears to my eyes I hope this series goes on for a long time.

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    I always love David Baldacci books but in this latest novel there were so many inconsistencies that were glaringly obvious and which really surprised me as normally Mr Baldacci is extremely careful with getting all facts right.Apart from that the storyline was good but for me very disappointing Hopefully in future books any inconsistencies will be checked and rectified.

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    What a great read Following some readers writing about their disappointment that Decker is unable to fully use his skills in this story, I wasnt sure whether I d like it but if you go with storyline the tension carries through til the end.

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