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The Falcon Thief: A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery, and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird A True Crime Adventure About A Rogue Who Trades In Rare Birds And Their Eggs And The Wildlife Detective Determined To Stop HimOn May An Irish National Named Jeffrey Lendrum Was Apprehended At Britain S Birmingham International Airport With A Suspicious Parcel Strapped To His Stomach Inside Were Fourteen Rare Peregrine Falcon Eggs Snatched From A Remote Cliffside In Wales So Begins A Tale Almost Too Bizarre To Believe, Following The Parallel Lives Of A Globe Trotting Smuggler Who Spent Two Decades Capturing Endangered Raptors Worth Millions Of Dollars As Race Champions And Detective Andy McWilliam Of The United Kingdom S National Wildlife Crime Unit, Who S Hell Bent On Protecting The World S Birds Of Prey The Falcon Thief Whisks Readers From The Volcanoes Of Patagonia To Zimbabwe S Matobo National Park, And From The Frigid Tundra Near The Arctic Circle To Luxurious Aviaries In The Deserts Of Dubai, All In Pursuit Of A Man Who Is Reckless, Arrogant, And Gripped By A Destructive Compulsion To Make The Most Beautiful Creatures In Nature His Own

10 thoughts on “The Falcon Thief: A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery, and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird

  1. Olive Olive says:

    The below review originally appeared on Open Letters Review.Packing for a flight can be stressful Fitting all of a trip s necessities into a bag that falls below an airline s weight limit is often challenging for the overp

  2. Cindy Burnett Cindy Burnett says:

    4.5 stars The Falcon Thief A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery, and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird by Joshua Hammer is a fascinating read about a man, Jeffrey Lendrum, who spent his life stealing and smuggling rare bird eggs and

  3. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Thoughts soon.

  4. Jerrie (redwritinghood) Jerrie (redwritinghood) says:

    DNF I got about a third of the way into this one and I m bored Back to the library it goes

  5. Thomas Kelley Thomas Kelley says:

    The authors desire to write this book occurred after reading an article in the newspaper about a thief who had stolen falcon eggs and had jumped bail He did not believe that there is a black market that has the potential for someone to make a lot

  6. Zoe Zoe says:

    There were bits of this book I found fascinating the history of falconry and when it s evolved into today, as well as the obsessive nature of oology I was unimpressed by the sympathetic picture the author painted of Jeffrey Lendrum, a white man born in

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    Talk about a breathlessly paced adventure story that is 100% true This is the kind of bloodless true crime I find utterly fascinating and engaging, and this book would be a perfect one to pass along to fans of The Feather Thief.In May 2010, Jeffrey Lendrum w

  8. Mark Mark says:

    As a bird and nature lover, I loved this true crime tale, with a smart, arrogant and adventurous thief as it s lead I knew nothing about the lucrative black market on raptor eggs, and the ingenious ways that the eggs are snatched from nests and smuggled out of the

  9. Nemo Nemo Nemo Nemo says:

    SynopsisThe narrative is well written in the style of a crime thriller and is interlaced with twists and turns worthy of that title The eclectic mix of characters makes for a compelling story, all theso as it is a true tale.Hammer begins with the chance apprehension of

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    Fascinating read of a subject birding, egg stealing, protagonist of which I knew nothing Sometimes too many details to keep my interest but I very much enjoyed this out of the usual for me.

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