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The Face of Tibet This Work Reveals The Splendour And Intricacies Of Tibetan Life In This Collection Of Photographs It Celebrates The Mountains And The Plateau Of Tibet, The Forbidden City Of Lhasa, The Countryside, Religious Life, And The People In This Troubled Land William Chapman S Commentary Accompanies His Colour Photographs That Pay Tribute To The Majesty Of The Landscape And The Uniqueness Of The Tibetan People Just completed reading this book and all I can say is WOW In my humble opinion this book should be named The Essence of Tibet because that is just what William R Chapman has captured From the moment that I opened the book I felt such Ancient Energy The book became a Spiritual Journey for me personally Bill Chapman has captured the essence and simplicity of a truly Blessed and simple People In every photograph you can feel the joy, happiness, and love for their culture and traditions You can feel their struggle and perseverance to hold onto all that they ARE As you look into the eyes of each person photographed you can see all the way to the depth of their soul I will treasure my experience with this book and revisit it often What a beautiful gift Mr Chapman has given to our Planet Thank you for sharing such a magnificent part of yourself Should be required reading for all our children and grandchildren If you are looking for a really special Christmas gift for yourself or someone else that you truly love i recommend this book. I learned of this book when I came across Bill Chapman s Ends of the Earth gallery housed in a yurt near Hatch, Utah Bill gathered these photographs over many journeys to Tibet, traveling in the back of trucks and walking between villages The Dalai Lama heard of the project and invited Bill to Dharamsala so that he could see his people once He spent an hour with Bill and wrote a forward to the book I was so captured by the face of an older women whom Bill had met on the road that I chose the single large mounted print that Bill sells of each of his photographs as a birthday present from my wife So if your travels are not taking you to southern Utah I highly recommend buying the book.Lance Reynolds This exquisite pictorial collection captures my heart just like the previous The Spirit of Tibet Portrait of a Culture in Exile by Alison Wright William Chapman has captured the soul and spirit of the Tibetan people, a people in exile I have always have a strong interest in Tibet, and, hpefully, one day I can experience the roof of the world myself The collection has unveiled the people, the land, and the religion behind the facade You may experience and sense the peace, joy, meekness of the people Beautifully done

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