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The Encyclopedia of Hammer Films Dracula and Frankenstein Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing These are just a few of the icons of Hammer Films To horror fans, the name Hammer conjures visions of hissing vampires and buxom beauties in low cut negligees But Britain s Hammer Film Productions, Ltd was muchthan just a fright factory Forthan 30 years, the company turned out neatly crafted entries in a variety of genres, ranging from comedies to pirate yarns, murder mysteries to war pictures At the heart of Hammer s remarkable success was its access to American financing and American theaters Butthan that, the individuals behind the scenes knew how to make good films on tight budgets, regardless of the theme These pictures have withstood the test of time and continue to be enjoyed the world over Encyclopedia of Hammer Films details the surprising story of Britain s most successful independent film company Included in this volume Entries on all of Hammer s feature films, featurettes, and television episodes, including staff, production details, US and UK release data, cast, synopses, reviews, behind the scenes quotes, and US financial participation Capsule biographies of directors, producers, technicians, and actors including the lovely ladies of Hammer glamour Special entries on Hammer related topics, including tax shelter companies, Hammerscope, the British Board of Film Censors, the recent Hammer reboot, and muchAn annotated appendix of unrealized Hammer projects, coveringthan 150 titles A chronological, annotated listing of every production and co production from the company s inception in 1934 An invaluable resource, this volume includes snapshots of the men and women who made the studio a success including Peter Cushing, Terence Fisher, Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt, and Jimmy Sangster, among others as well as iconic films such as The Curse of Frankenstein, The Devil Rides Out, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, and Vampire Circus Withthan 600 entries, The Encyclopedia of Hammer Films is a must have for every fan of this unique studio.

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