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The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics (Oxford Landmark Science) (English Edition) eBook: Roger Penrose: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle We are in 1989, Penrose starts with the hypothesis that consciousness is non algorithmic therefore cannot emerge in computers He is challenging AI researchers with a great deal of speculation before multi core processors, the web and smartphones But he did his massive homework and there is a sense of intellectual honesty throughout this book He starts with Turing machines, passing through G del s theorem, fractals, classical physics, quantum physics, the human brain and to end with the physics of the mind Wow The whole thing is edifying because he always point out that physics is in an unsatisfactory state inconsistent but keeps going with his speculative guesses Perhaps his hypothesis is probably wrong for the same reason physics is currently inconsistent classical quantum , our machines are not so smart and we don t know how to simulate brains That is, we are not so intelligent as we think Why should Stephen Hawking hog the entire spotlight Dr Penrose is another genius of physics and mathematics worth reading This book mainly deals with computer Artificial Intelligence and human consciousness But the book covers other aspects of physics, like relativity and quantum mechanics, in order to make its arguments Most readers will find fascinating. Sir Roger Penrose is delightful and a breath of fresh air in a world of sameness and physics professors spouting the same old dogma and doctrine Along comes a fresh look at reality The logic and math is explained at the level anyone with a decent education can understand You won t be a mathematics professor when you finish reading, but you will have a grasp of what this is about and what our reality is. Roger Penrose is a polite, unassuming writer And he s lethal Anyone who s been keeping up with theoretical physics may have been bamboozled by the theorists who have run way ahead of the empirical guys and having left the tracks are careening across the meadow Penrose smacks them gently, as said aside the head Well done, Roger An Extraordinary Masterpiece Adhemar Bultheel, European Mathmatical Society Perhaps The Most Engaging And Creative Tour Of Modern Physics That Has Ever Been Written Sunday Times A Superb Book Provocative And Absorbing Physics Today A Bold, Brilliant, Groundbreaking Work When Mr Penrose Talks, Scientists Listen New York Time Book Review One Cannot Imagine A Revealing Self Portrait Than This Enchanting, Tantalising Book Roger Penrose Reveals Himself As An Eloquent Protagonist, Not Only Of The Wonders Of Mathematics, But Also Of The Uniqueness Of People Nature I Fail To See How Anybody Can Remain Unmoved By The Book S Central Theme, Which Concerns The Nature Of Human Beings His Style Is Relaxed And Entertaining, There Are Nuggets On Almost Every Page Financial TimesFor Many Decades, The Proponents Of Artificial Intelligence Have Maintained That Computers Will Soon Be Able To Do Everything That A Human Can Do In His Bestselling Work Of Popular Science, Sir Roger Penrose Takes Us On A Fascinating Tour Through The Basic Principles Of Physics, Cosmology, Mathematics, And Philosophy To Show That Human Thinking Can Never Be Emulated By A MachineOxford Landmark Science Books Are Must Read Classics Of Modern Science Writing Which Have Crystallized Big Ideas, And Shaped The Way We Think

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