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The Colour Photography Field Guide: The Essential Guide to Hue for Striking Digital Images (English Edition) Understand The Role Colour Plays In Your Images, Learn To Appreciate Its Dynamic Effects And Find Out How To Capture And Reproduce It As Precisely As Possible In Your Own ImagesThe Colour Photography Field Guide Provides A Unique Look At Analysing And Combining Three Important Ways Of Dealing With Colour The First Is The Subjective And Cultural Response To Individual Colour The Perception The Second Is How Colours Are Found And Appear In Photography The Science The Third Is The Means By Which They Can Be Viewed And Altered Digitally The Expression A Clear And Technically Precise Look At How Colour Affects Your Digital Images Portable And Lightweight, For On The Spot Information And Inspiration With A Host Of Case Studies Examining Difficult Colour Situations Such As Capturing Flesh Tones And Unreal ColoursMichael Freeman, Professional Photographer And Best Selling Author, Was Born In England In , Took A Masters In Geography At Brasenose College, Oxford University, And Then Worked In Advertising In London For Six Years In He Made The Life Changing Decision To Travel Up The With Two Secondhand Cameras, And When Time Life Used Many Of The Pictures He Came Back With, He Embarked On A Full Time Photographic CareerSince Then, Working For Clients That Include All The World S Major Magazines, Most Notably The Smithsonian Magazine For Which He Has Shot Than Stories Over Years , Freeman S Reputation As One Of The World S Leading Reportage Photographers Has Been Consolidated Of His Many Books, Which Have Sold Over Million Copies Worldwide, Than Titles Are On The Practice Of Photography For This Photographic Educational Work He Was Awarded The Prix Louis Philippe Clerc By The French Ministry Of CultureFreeman S Books On Photography Have Been Translated Into Languages

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