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    This is a concise and well written book on a topic that is very broad in scope As someone who has been involved in Zen for 50 years, I find that Circle of the Way is a must read for serious Zen practitioners It reveals a very rich history of Zen that contains verifiable and not so verifiable content that combines to give us a sense of why Zen appears as it does today O Brien has made a wonderful contribution to Western Zen with this book.

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    O Brian writes with a clean transparency that is rare From the Circle s archetecture, to its treatment of uncertainty and divergent points of view, the reader is never lost or misguided The clear intent is to inform the reader so that we may delve further if we choose, into the recesses of time, to draw our own conclusions, or perhaps just become comfortable with not knowing what history has left unrevealed.Circle is not burdensome, as many historical books tend, but also not trivially light It s hard to make it simple but Barb has done just that There are many interesting twists and turns illuminated by this tour of zen chronology and culture.I bought the ticket and took the ride I am glad I did, and await another of her masterful treatments of Zen Kudos Hoetsu

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    As a student and practitioner of Buddhism for over 50 years, I found this book to be very special in combining the historical, the philosophical and the practical aspects of Zen in an easy and fun manner appropriate for both advanced practitioners and beginners I highly recommend it to those seeking a deeper understanding and appreciation for ZenDavid Isurushin, Soto Priest

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    I was delighted by this well written and structured little book that covers MANY read most of the teachers and many of the teachings of this branch of Mahayana Buddhism After reading everything from Conze to Koan Collections, Yogacara to Dogen, this little volume added thoughtful order to my knowledge and appreciation to this tradition I recommend it universally, for beginners and teachers alike.

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    An absolutely enjoyable book Concise, impeccably researched and completely accessible to new students and old You know it s a good book when I keep giving it away to everyone I know

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The Circle of the Way: A Concise History of Zen from the Buddha to the Modern World (English Edition) A comprehensive, accessible guide to the fascinating history of Zen Buddhism including important figures, schools, foundational texts, practices, and politicsZen Buddhism has a storied history Bodhidharma sitting in meditation in a cave for nine years a would be disciple cutting off his own arm to get the masters attention the proliferating schools and intense Dharma combat of the Tang and Song Dynasties Zen nuns and laypeople holding their own against patriarchal lineages the appearance of new masters in the Zen schools of Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and later the Western world In The Circle of the Way, Zen practitioner and popular religion writer Barbara OBrien brings clarity to this huge swath of history by charting a middle way between Zens traditional lore and the findings of modern historical scholarship In a clear and often funny style, OBrien parses fact from fiction while always attending to the greatest interest of contemporary practitioners the development of Zen doctrine and practice as a living tradition across cultures and centuries