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The Border: The final gripping thriller in the bestselling Cartel trilogy (English Edition) I have to admit that 25% of the way in, I was having some doubts It was clear that Don was going to bring in a real world current day character and I wasn t sure how he intended to make it work How foolish was I to doubt him A masterful end to the series, no real hooks left to justify a 4th book, so this really is it I feel somewhat sad to have completed the series and will certainly be reading all 3 again My favourite series, my favourite author, the series I recommend than any other Bravo I had really mixed feelings about this book.It s difficult to comment on The Border TB without referencing The Power Of The Dog TPOTD and Cartel C Together they re a trilogy and each is virtually a direct continuation of the other To read TB first, or in isolation, is virtually pointless.First off, is a cast of characters as long as a Chinese menu, most of which have Latino names This, together with the complexity of the history behind the the cartels, would leave the uninitiated not knowing if they were Arthur or Martha You therefore have to commit yourself to a 3 volume 2200 page drug opus to really get it and one that should definitely be read in order This is a big commitment on anybody s reading time so, the question has to be is it worth it The short answer is yes Nobody has addressed the Drug Wars with the depth, intensity and understanding of Winslow.He informs and entertains in equal measure and these books are visceral thrillers and deliver as such.That said, whilst TPOTD is a five star masterpiece and C is a very creditable four star sequel, TB stumbles and it stumbles for the reason that it is way too long and highly repetitious Halfway through I found myself thinking For God s sake just get on with it The body count is huge and there is a limit to how many misogynistic drug cartel orgies any man or woman would want to attend Further, everything is described in the most minute detail and the whole thing is riddled with sub plots, not all of which work.Winslow also starts to preach a bit towards the end and apart from the fact that the tone grated , I don t actually agree with his conclusions about the war on drugs.That said, the trilogy as a whole is well worth while It s just a shame that he didn t have a fierce editor If ever anything needed cutting back it is The Border The first two books in the cartel series were far superior to the present book There are three strands to this novel The depiction of the in fighting within cartels for supremacy The corruption within the American political system which has been infiltrated by cartel money A wider story regarding the impact of the drug war on people in Central America and the USA who are not directly involved in the trade.At the very least, an ambitious book, made so by an attempt to link all three strands together.The depiction of financial corruption within American politics is far and away the finest part of the book until the last 50 pages or so This is compelling, believable and full of suspense.The depiction of the cartels is as before a tale of excess and extreme violence Winslow has already done this, extremely well, and there is nothing new here.The peripheral stories children escaping from Guatemala, the tale of a heroin addict, the personal redemption of a NYPD undercover officer are much weaker For a wonderful book about the impact of drugs and hopelessness Atticus Lish Preparation for the Next Life is far powerful.When these strands are all brought together it begins to feel contrived and as if the author is lecturing.The greatest weakness of the book is its denouement The main character Art Keller has a splendid barnstorming speech in front of a Senate investigator committee and in fact it serves as a fine plot summary for the reader because the story is very complex However it is as if Al Pacino in full And Justice for All mode has been inserted into the proceedings with a view to the future cinematic adaptation of the book This speech feels like a lecture by the author who is well entrenched on his soap box, blowing bubbles and determined not to slip Which is a pity, because as the first two books in the series demonstrate, the author is outstanding when he simply lets the story tell itself.Perhaps the unusual political situation in the United States has had an undue influence here. Brilliant final book of this trilogy I reread The Cartel just before starting The Border so have spent the past 2 weeks with Art Kellor.As good as The Border is readers should go back and start with Power of the Dog and work forwards, it s not really a stand alone novel Some readers, certainly many US readers, may criticize Winslow for taking potshots at certain right wing politicians, I think given the war on drugs has spanned Democrat and Republican administrations he is taking aim at the political ineptitude he has witnessed through all of the books The War on Drugs has been lost, lot of blame to go around.Where The Border stands alongside the first two I will not comment I have read the first 2 books three times and can say they get better with re reading, so in about 6 years may have a fixed opinion What I can say is that Winslow has entertained and informed me, kept me utterly transfixed.Compelling. The years best thriller The Times, Books of the YearThe explosive, highly anticipated conclusion to the epic Cartel trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of The ForceThe war has come homeFor over forty years,Art Keller has been on the front lines of Americas longest conflict The War On DrugsNow elevated to the highest ranks of the DEA, Keller finds himself surrounded by an incoming administration thats in bed with the very drug traffickers that Keller is trying to bring downFrom the slums of Guatemala to the marbled corridors of Washington, DC Winslow follows a new generation ofnarcos, cops, addicts, politicians, and mere children fleeing the violence for the chance of a life in a new countryThe Borderis an unflinchingportrait of modern America, a story of and for our timeA huge, immersive, violent, compassionate read Ian RankinHugely entertaining Stephen KingBrutal and brilliant, this is crimes Game of Thrones SunOne of the great literary achievements of the century so far Daily TelegraphSuch crime writing deserves nothing less than a Pulitzer Prize Evening StandardA new crime classic a stirring, stupendous novel Sunday TimesHe is a pleasure to read The TimesA furious, impassioned novel Washington PostDevastating and timely a hybrid The Godfather and War and Peace New York TimesA gift to all discerning crime readers Financial Times

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