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The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century A straightforward account of the crime, arrest and trial Doesn t reach a conclusion on guilt or innocence But I found it very interesting all the same Would recommend. You hear so many stories about all sorts of things that happened long ago I bought this book to try and distinguish fact from fiction It is probably impossible to get all the facts perfect but I think the writer has done an admirable job of putting forth the facts I enjoyed the book I have always felt someone other then Lizzie Borden did the murders but one never knows for sure It is interesting how the people back in the late 1800 s reacted to the trial. slight disappointment,only because I m left as everyone did she or didnt she Great product Another great addition to my collection Love the history and the story is mind blowing i still can t figure out if she was or was not guilty I read The Borden Murders in one gulp Then I went back and re read it It s that interesting a topic, and Sarah Miller handles it in a way that makes for a compulsive page turner I knew that it was targeted at a younger audience than I fit into ahem , but I have to tell you if this is what middle school readers are capable of understanding, then power to them The writing is lucid and she makes the actual timetable of the murders understandable in terms of where everyone was, or at least claimed to be no mean feat The book is also scrupulously fair in regard to the identity of the murderer Miller frankly admits that in the end, she is still in the dark But for many readers, she will have accomplished an enormous achievement in regard Lizzie Borden s reputation Miller argues the case for an unknown murderer so well that even those disposed to believe that Lizzie did do it must concede that much of the evidence has been organized so poorly that we have not heard the case against Borden as the killer.Did she persuade me that Lizzie was innocent No, but the book made me want to argue about it The photos are well chosen, and not gruesome Miller skims lightly over the most obvious explanation of Lizzie s infatuation with Nance O Neill and Emma s departure from their shared home Mustn t scandalize the younglings.This is a terrific read at any age I only wish that books about topics this well handled had been available when I was in middle school, but of course the printing press had only just been invented. I was first introduced, over fifty years ago, to the infamous Lizzie Borden through a high school production of a play called The Legend of Lizzie Then in 1967, I purchased Victoria Lincoln s book A Private Disgrace I thought it was the ultimate resource book for Lizzie s murders The author of the book I m reviewing here says that Lincoln, who was a neighbor of Lizzie Borden, wrote a book that was quite flawed Then I went on to Agnes DeMille s A Dance of Death, an account of DeMille s research into the Borden murders in preparation for her ballet Fall River Legend Since all that, I ve also seen a couple of movies about the murders, so I feel like I m steeped in the tale of Lizzie Borden And now, along comes Sarah Miller s The Borden Murders Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century I eagerly awaited the book, and although I can t say that I overwhelmingly enjoyed it, I did find it an interesting addition to the lore I already knew Miller has written a well researched book, and she has humanized Lizzie in a way that I never saw before The author sought out anecdotes and details that would show that Lizzie was a frightened young woman on trial The outcome is not different from any other account, for this is history after all, but we do finish the book feeling differently about Lizzie and understanding the outcome of the trial a bit better Miller s book is supposedly written for young adults, but its subject matter and her approach are very adult Teens will be engrossed in the book, but do not be fooled this book is a welcome addition to Lizzie Borden lore, and adults will find it captivating My one complaint is a minor one Miller peppers the text with sidebars I found the facts and tidbits in these sidebars to be fascinating, but I also found them a bit distracting, for I didn t want to leave the flow of the story to find out such things as the difference between an inquest and a trial or how one kind of fabric differs from another And yet, the sidebars enriched the story because this was all information that we likely, as modern readers, would not know So I heartily recommend The Borden Murders for all ages. With Murder, Court Battles, And Sensational Newspaper Headlines, The Story Of Lizzie Borden Is Compulsively Readable And Perfect For The Common Core Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, Gave Her Mother Forty Whacks When She Saw What She Had Done, She Gave Her Father Forty OneIn A Compelling, Linear Narrative, Miller Takes Readers Along As She Investigates A Brutal Crime The August Murders Of Wealthy And Prominent Andrew And Abby Borden The Accused Mild Mannered And Highly Respected Lizzie Borden, Daughter Of Andrew And Stepdaughter Of Abby Most Of What Is Known About Lizzie S Arrest And Subsequent Trial And Acquittal Comes From Sensationalized Newspaper Reports As Miller Sorts Fact From Fiction, And As A Legal Battle Gets Underway, A Gripping Portrait Of A Woman And A Town Emerges With Inserts Featuring Period Photos And Newspaper Clippings And, Yes, Images From The Murder Scene Readers Will Devour This Nonfiction Book That Reads Like FictionA School Library Journal Best Best Book Of The Year Sure To Be A Hit With True Crime Fans Everywhere School Library Journal, Starred I enjoyed reading all the details and facts about the case and it has got me thinking a bit deeply about Lizzie It is quite interesting how ill equipped the law was for dealing with an alleged murderess during the 1890s I do wonder if any evidence could of been preserved if we could know the truth in the present As I read through Sarah Miller s historical review of the case I did find my mind did not change on the main question of did she do it I believe she did but that her sister was also involved in some way.

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