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The Book of Wood Carving: Techniques, Designs and Projects (Dover Woodworking) It wasn t as instructional and step by step as I hoped it would be Finest book for beginners discusses in direct language and no technical jargon what tools to use, how to use them, and what woods are suitable for carving 34 illustrated designs for creating cabinet panels, chests, doors, bookends, footstools, an ornamental mirror frame, and. I purchased this book used and found it to be in good condition with no markings inside although there was some cover damage The information inside is good This book was published in 1942 and some of the information is a little dated It has some excellent patterns for begging carvers like myself The patterns help the carver learn how to read and carve with the wood grain.Grab a piece of scrap wood and make as many mistakes as possible before starting a project that you want to keep. This may be an old classic but as a beginner reading this at home not in a class with an instructor, I found it really bad Most of the instruction is a bit vague and makes reference to low quality pictures For example, when explaining the proper technique at the beginning of the book, the advice is basically to hold the tool at the correct angle, as seen in an underexposed photo taken from an off angle where you can t see the angle he s using It s not all that bad but none of what I read was very good either I ended up returning it.I also found the projects from the lessons pretty dated They re the kind of simple, rough carvings that you might have seen on wooden knick knacks at your grandparents house I would highly recommend a book like Chris Pye s Woodcarving Course Reference Manual instead The instruction is far better, the illustrations are far effective and his work is beautiful and modern. Maybe I shouldn t review this since it was written by my grandfather But what the heck Note that this book was originally published in 1942 then picked up by Dover Press in 1970 and been in continuous publication ever since It helped me get started in my woodcarving career I should have studied with him as a teenager when I had the chance, but you know how teenagers are Anyway for what it is worth I recommend the book It is clear and concise, you can do all the exercises in book with only 4 tools, which is nice because the tools aren t cheap The designs are classic and can be reused in lots of projects.