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The Black Death: A Captivating Guide to the Deadliest Pandemic in Medieval Europe and Human History (English Edition) If you want to discover the captivating history of The Black Death, then keep readingFree History BONUS Inside The Black Death was the first recorded pandemic in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire All across the continent, people learned just how gruesome and horrific disease could be as the plague crossed the boundaries of countries and the lines established by society, killing everyone equally It showed that no onenot even archbishops and kingswere immune from its grasp The ferocity with which the plague swept across the continent, even reaching the shores of England, demonstrated how unprepared they were for something on such a large scale It was the first time that a major disease would strike the continent after the fall of the Roman Empire, but it would not be the last Over the next few centuries, the bubonic plague would return several times Although it was incredibly deadly, it never again had the same catastrophic effect on the European population People began to study it from a scientific perspective instead of the same superstitious angle or religious fatalism, making it possible to understand exactly what was causing the deaths Today, those in the medical profession can easily treat the bubonic plague if they realize what it is early enough With examples of the illness occurring in many nations during the last decade, including the US, the Black Death is not gone, but it is no longer the death sentence that it once was In The Black Death A Captivating Guide to the Deadliest Pandemic in Medieval Europe and Human History, you will discover topics such asThe First PandemicsThe Black DeathThe Unlikely Use of the Black DeathRumors and ArrivalPerceptions Vs The RealityThe Ultimate EqualizerStealing the Future Princess JoanDecline of the Catholic Church and the Rise of MysticismArt of the Black DeathThe First Quarantine and Successful ContainmentBeyond the Human TollLasting Effects on Europes FutureAnd much, much So if you want to learn about The Black Death, scroll up and click the add to cart button

10 thoughts on “The Black Death: A Captivating Guide to the Deadliest Pandemic in Medieval Europe and Human History (English Edition)

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    This self contradictory rubbish seems to have been written by a 15 year old not good at writing Do not bother to read even free it is too expensive as you will probably need surgery to your eyes afterwards to correct your attempt to tear them out.

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    I no longer write reviews The last one I wrote, I put a lot of thought into it, and it took me a long time Only for to not allow it Though, it had no profanities, swear words No controversial or offensive material in it, whatsoever I emailed about it, and surprise, surprise, received no answer.

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    I did enjoy this book It is a very good book if you want a quick overview of the Black Death Besides the multitude of deaths, the book also covered the after effects of the plague, such as the economy, trading, farming, the role of women, the creation of a middle class, a change in the attitude of the people towards the clergy and the Church Like another reviewer, I did find a bit of repetition throughout the book, but that won t stop me from recommending it The book also has a rather long bibliography in case you would like information about the Black Death.

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    Poorly written, simplistic I expected The grammar needs correcting and the facts are weak not an in depth book Description should have indicated this is written for an child.

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    The plague is an event in history that I find very fascinating This book does an excellent job to demonstrate what it was, it s devastating impact on the world how it impacted every aspect of society and how I still lives in the consciousness of people today Easy to read, engaging, well researched and for the length of a novella an incredible amount of facts and detail.

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    This was a great read Informative, interesting, captivating I will purchase of these Captivating Guide books Easy to read and understand.

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    This account of the 1347 1350 plague in Europe is poorly written The author didn t have a good editor It reads like a rough first draft, not a finished piece It s repetitive It contains little information and many vague generalizations The author s opinions and interpretations are presented as facts, with no supporting evidence It s published anonymously The reader will have no idea who the author is.

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    There is so much information that you never knew This was a captivating read that I had a hard time putting it down.

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    Nice short summary, very informative, easy to read Relevent in light of the world events unfolding today Would have been nice to see about the greek plague.

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    Great book Easy to read and understand Great for anyone who loves to read about history.

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