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The Big Green Book How much of the planet does it takes to make your stuff How much water does it take to grow the cotton for your t shirt Why do we need to find greener types of energy What does it matter if the rainforests are being cut down Global warming, pollution, water shortages, ice caps melting What does it all mean Pull the tabs, lift the flaps and open up the amazing pops and discover the answers to these questions and Find out what YOU can do to help our planet stay green

3 thoughts on “The Big Green Book

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    great book lovely images and pull outs

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    This is a wonderful pop up book which engages my 4 year old for ages although she is quite young for this book Would probably recommend it for 5 6 years.

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    A fantastic and really helpful book with masses of useful information It s nearly ten years old, but the problems stay the same and grew even bigger The text is easy to understand for children and to translate I think it has to be reprinted Think of Fridays for Future

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