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    Living already in Spain it is interesting to view the experience from a different and simpler perspective An entertaining read from a great author about an area full of quirks and amusement.

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    A great end to a lovely trilogy about life in the Alpujarras I especially liked that while the title is a bit namby pamby, the actual Almond Blossom Appreciation Society is not As with the previous two books, the anecdotes are told in full colour.

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    Para mi era una apuesta segura puesto que hab a le do varios libros de C Stewart y la verdad es que cumpli las expectativas el hecho que conozca la zona que describe, me permite tambi n ver que cuida los detalles y no da informaciones err neas cuando describe paisjaes o lugares.

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    Still prefer the first book, no comparison, is slow and going round the houses for no reason 3 still a bit entertaining

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    Otro bien escrito libro de Chris Stewart Vivo en Espa a yo misma como extranjera el menciona muchas cosas las que son conocidas, pero el vive en una parte muy diferente, y tiene amistades muy cercanas con sus vecinos.

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    Enjoyable but not as good as his last two in the series but maybe I have lived here too long.

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The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society [Idioma Inglés] THE ALMOND BLOSSOM APPRECIATION SOCIETYfinds Chris and his family still living o their farm, El Valero, and with its easy Sun Lit charm and funny, evocative anecdotes, it will draw in new and old readers alikeYou will find yourself laughing out loud as Chris is instructed by his daughter on local teenage s bluffs his way in art history to millionaire Bostonians is rescued off a snowy peak by the Guardia Civil and joins an Almond Blossom Appreciation SocietyYou ll cringe with Chris as he stries his hand at office work in an immigrants advice centre in Granada, spurred into action by the arrival of four destitute young Moroccans at El Valero And you ll never see olive oil in quite the same way againIn this sequel to Lemons and Parrot , Chris Stewart s optimism and zest for life is as infectious as ever NOTA El libro no est en espa ol, sino en ingl s