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Teaching Orienteering Teaching Orienteering, Second Edition makes it easier than ever for busy teachers, leaders, and coaches to introduce orienteering skills and techniques to students of the sport This new edition retains the highly visual, full color format of the original version, but its content has been expanded and completely updated For those new to teaching orienteering, the book provides a detailed opening chapter of solid foundational information to help them get started Later chapters follow a logical progression designed to help students learn the sport in familiar, easy terrain before moving them intodifficult environments The exercises in Teaching Orienteering, Second Edition follow this same progression, but they do not have to be followed in sequence Each suggested exercise is self contained and can be used in whatever order teachers or leaders deem appropriate for their needs In addition, each exercise has been laid out so that teachers can quickly determine the purpose of the exercise, the age groups it is suitable for, the time it will take to complete, and the equipment needed For teachers in the United Kingdom, the book s educational guidelines have been updated to bring them in line with current UK practice in primary and secondary schools and in further education Richly illustrated with maps, drawings, and photos, Teaching Orienteering, Second Edition is an excellent reference for physical education, outdoor education, and classroom teachers, as well as for university instructors and youth group leaders