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Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood In This Ground Breaking Memoir Set In Ramallah During The Aftermath Of The Six Day War, Lbtisam Barakat Captures What It Is Like To Be A Child Whose World Is Shattered By War With Candour And Courage, She Stitches Together Memories Of Her Childhood Fear And Confusion As Bombs Explode Near Her Home The Harshness Of Life As A Palestinian Refugee Her Unexpected Joy When She Discovers Alef, The First Letter Of The Arabic Alphabet This Is The Beginning Of Her Passionate Connection To Words, And As Language Becomes Her Refuge, Allowing Her To Piece Together The Fragments Of Her World, It Becomes Her True Home Transcending The Particulars Of Politics, This Illuminating And Timely Book Provides A Telling Glimpse Into A Little Known Culture That Has Become An Increasingly Important Part Of The Puzzle Of World Peace

5 thoughts on “Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood

  1. MASH MASH says:

    This book begins in 1981, when our author s bus is stopped at Surda checkpoint between Birzeit and Ramallah She s detained for hours along with all the other bus riders To calm herself, she goes into a reverie that takes her to her safe haven, postbox 34 This box is her own little world of freedom where she recei

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    What a charming and at the same time gut wrenching account of a young girl growing up in occupied Palestine I thoroughly enjoyed this honest and sweet autobiography.I met the author, Ibtisam Barakat, at my school last semester, and she s amazing as well I hope everyone who is anti Palestine reads her work or hears her spea

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    My husband purchased this book as an addition to our Catholic School s library wanting to give the students a glimpse into an experience they might otherwise not understand Having now read the book, I am looking forward to sharing it with schools young readers and also grateful to the author for sharing such a sweet and thoughtful s

  4. Beryl S. Bissell Beryl S. Bissell says:

    I just finished reading this exquisite book by a writer I met 10 years ago at a writing retreat for women Ibtisam struck me then as an exceptionally vibrant and talented young writer who gave me her favorite book of poems by Hafiz She had just begun writing her memoir, Tasting the Sky, at the time so it was with delight I read that it had bee

  5. Amanda L. Day Amanda L. Day says:

    Bought this for my daughter for a school assignment but ended up reading it myself too This is a classic childhood remembrance story combined with the horrors of war.definitely a deep book but worth the investmentthe author, about whom the book is about, still manages to leave the reader with a feeling of hope for the future despite the situational pai

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