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Table Tennis (Steps to Success S.) important book for sport Good I found the book to be very helpful and informative I have just begun playing competitively for the past year and found that the graphics steps really have helped my game I d recommend this book to anyone who is just developing their game I have bought other table tennis books, but they lacked the graphics this book has, so I am very happy with this purchase. It gives many tips and explains everything from beginning table tennis to some advanced play.i read it almost every time, I have trouble with different things and it helps.I would recommend it to someone starting out This book is excellent as a course text or as a self instruction guide It uses a unique progression of skills the steps to success to help players select serves and return shots that will give their opponents problems add excitement to their game by putting topspin, backspin, or sidespin on the ball choose the proper stroke to match their particular needs whether for quickness, power, deception or just fun select the best grip improve their practices and games by starting out with an effective warm up routine find and enter tournaments and prepare for tournament competition Each of the 15 steps featured in Table Tennis Steps to Success provides a solid foundation of basic skills and concepts As players progress, they will learn how to adapt their game using the advanced strategies and playing techniques Each step chapter explains why the skill or concept is important, identifies the keys to correct technique, helps players correct common errors, explains how to practise each skill in realistic ways, lists specific performance goals for each drill, gives a summary checklist for evaluating proper technique, and lets player proceed at their own pace Table Tennis Steps to Success features over 120 drills and 140 illustrations and will help students get started, make steady progress, practise match winning skills, and correct problems as they develop.

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