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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Everything you need to come out on top in the eagerly anticipated newest entry in the beloved Super Smash Bros franchise Full Coverage of All Fighters The biggest roster in Super Smash Bros series history Comprehensive Strategies and Move Sets Thispage book gives you all the in depth strategy you need to succeed with every contender Premium Hardcover Book The gorgeous, exclusive design is a must have for any fan Digital Bonus Unlock your digital version of this guide with the free code card included inside Access your digital guide anytime, anywhere, on any web enabled device

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    La verdad que me a llegado en el d a previsto y en perfecto estado Es una gu a muy bonita, grande y de tapa dura, el nico inconveniente que est el Ingl s y puede que para quien no domine el idioma le pueda resultar un problema Por todo lo dem s en calidad precio un 10.

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    Es una gu a genial, todo detallado con tablas de valores y con los efectos de cada ataque explicados con ejemplos Est realmente genial ven a un poco sucia , al ser blanca se ensucia r pido.

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    Producto en perfecto estado.

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    Fijaros bien que el producto viene en ingl s

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    I have the Collector s Guide I m not aware how Nintendo can force Prima to actually use ticker, better paper and inks for Game Guides covering Nintendo titles but this is still the case and I m glad The printing and manufacturing is of higher quality compared to other Prima releases having the Collector s tag.About the content of the guide basically there is a detailed breakdown for each fighter that is included in the base game You can gain knowledge for your favorites and learn in which areas they excel and where they are lacking Who can beat them down easily and who should be afraid of them Of course the game already was updated with some balances were made This for sure will introduce differences between the stats in the game and the ones in the guide but I don t believe that the style of the fighters will be changed to such extend that renders the information inside the book useless.There is also a big section dedicated to glossary, terms and mechanics accompanied with tables which is actually helpful to understand what is happening under the hood of the game.Unfortunately this is the only information that is worth there.Other things like different modes, spirits, adventure mode single player campaign , tips and tricks for unlocking new fighters are mentioned just in the beginning of the guide situated on 6 pages 2 of them only with pictures Personally I was hoping to see a guide to Adventure mode with suggestions which paths to take considering certain unlocks you re after Instead there are a few paragraphs that sparingly inform you that such things as spirit teams, unlockable fighters, the skill tree exist There is a Maps and Paths section that actually tells you nothing It only consists of 4 maps and predefined paths with numbers You are not informed if the drawn paths are the best ones and why they were chosen in the first place.Not a single word about amiibos Not like these are super important but still amiibos were started as toys to life with Super Smash Bros On the other hand you can t even use the guide as an art book because there is not much art there It s very clean and up to the point.The guide is lacking in so many areas that it s ultimately a Collector s Edition not because of its high value and information inside but because it should be bought only by those that have to have everything related to Super Smash Bros Ultimate If you are that person go ahead If you re not try the internet You ll learn much for free.

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    Esperaba m s de esta gu a, b sicamente trae informaci n de los movimientos de los 72 personajes con un poco de fotos y casi nada de arte del juego o personajes No trae informaci n del modo aventura, como mejores rutas o algo Tampoco trae informaci n de los jefes o algo m s profundo de los dem s modos No s porque se llama gu a de estrategia Qued decepcionado

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    This book is fantastic for detailed character move information and scenarios where certain moves are most useful No small feat given how huge the cast of characters are Outside of that however there is very little information on the various modes etc But as a guide for the characters it s pretty exhaustive and tells you everything it can outside of you playing and finding out for yourselfPersonally I m fine with that as this will be a fantastic guide for getting to grips with new charactersOn the minus side I ve fell victim twice to s suck it and see packaging First copy was heavily dented second copy is less dented along with a manufacturing defect on the spine and I just can t be bothered to go through getting it replaced a third time The packing is frankly useless for such a heavy book and I don t think I m being unreasonable expecting something to show up perfect when buying something new

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    En primer lugar, esto no es un libro de arte, esto es una gu a estrat gica, el arte del libro, que lo tiene, est m s enfocado a ser demostrativo de su verdadera utilidad y prop sto, poder jugar el t tulo competentemente Para ello, cuanta con los movimientos, frames de animaci n, timing de marcado, datos de los ataques y una gran cantidad de datos tiles si quiere jugar Smash m s all de un simple t tulo de fiesta, Los jugadores pro valorar n mucho esta informaci n y quiz s, hace 15 o 20 a os, hubiese dicho que esta es una de las mejores publicaciones gu a de un juego de lucha El problema es que ya no estamos en 1998 El contenido de este libro quedar obsoleto en cuanto comience el primer nerfeo de personajes, que tengo entendido ser cuando comiencen a salir los DLCs Es por eso que, si est s pesando en adquirir este libro para volverte un pro de Smash lo pienses muy bien, ya que puedes obtener mejores estrategias y mucho m s actualizadas de youtube Si est s pensando en adquirir este libro por el arte, te vas a llevar una decepci n, las im genes en su mayor a, est n sacadas del juego para fines de demostraci n Y si est n pensando en comprar este libro como un objeto de colecci n, creo que deber as revaluar tus prioridades.Este tipo de publicaciones, ten an sentido cuando las versiones de los juegos eran nicas y no se pod an actualizar, pero gracias a que ahora hay parches, revisiones y ajustes con ulteriores versiones que modifican ataques, frames, valores y da os, no le encuentro ning n sentido adquirirlo Ni como compendio de arte, ni como recopilatorio de de movimientos y menos como objeto de colecci n Mejor apunta tu billetera hacia alg n de los muchos libros de arte o figuras oficiales de nintendo, nada de amiibos que creo que te dejar n m s satisfecho como fan.

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