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  • Storytelling with Children (Early Years)
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  • 05 October 2019
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Storytelling with Children (Early Years)Telling stories awakens wonder and creates special occasions with children, whether it is bedtime, around the fire or on rainy days Encouraging you to spin golden tales, Nancy Mellon shows how you can become a confident storyteller and enrich your family with the power of story. This phenomenal book not only explains why telling stories is important, but also gives many examples of how to get started The author provides lots of inspiration and encouragement and gives you the tools you need to weave stories into your everyday routine transition times, traditional reading times, times when children are doing something you d like them to stop doing, to pass time waiting in lines, in the car, etc I ve learned a wonderful new way to interact with my children Once you start telling stories your children will never let you stop and you won t want to either. Perhaps you feel a bitinhibited when it comes to telling stories to your children Reading out loud, okay, that s doable But actually making up a story From scratch Or putting into words family memories and memorable events on the spot And saying them out loud Perhaps this sounds a bit scary I know that for myself, the written word seemed much less intimidating than the spoken word, and for some reason my wee daughters seemed like harsh critics.This book will set your storytelling spirit free even if you don t know you have one My confidence was lifted by the encouraging tone of the author and the helpful strategies, techniques and tools that she presents And once the stories start coming, they won t stop, they will flood out of you once you open the gates Your children will thank you for the gift of stories in your own words, and will ask for them, again and again.There is nothing to fear, storytelling with children is a delight A Must for any parent who seeks to enrich and deepen communications with the wee ones in their life. Storytelling with Children is a how to go about storytelling with your children book It does NOT provide instruction on how to create a story It does offer much information about why adults should be telling stories to their children It also offers much about when we could tell stories Included is a lot of anecdotal information about how people are actually going about storytelling with their children.In reading, I found this book to be gentle and encouraging, with a spiritual not necessarily religious touch that seems badly needed these days Children suffer from a real lack of connection with their parents Parents suffer from a real lack of connection with their children Although this book won t cure it ALL, it certainly discusses a large piece of the puzzle.In closing her book, Nancy Mellon comments, I like to imagine a world in the new millennium in which wise and playful storytelling surrounds all little children She goes on to describe this vision as a regular time for the gathering of family and special friends for an evening of storytelling and music This would be time WELL SPENT I thought it would be for a wide range of ages but the ideas are mainly for older children.