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Star Wars Meet the Heroes R2-D2 Ever wondered as you put on your glasses for the umpteenth time, How does R2 D2 see Or maybe you ve thought to yourself as you are putting together a flat pack bedside cabinet from Sweden, What tools does R2 D2 use Or maybe you re walking down the aisle towards your beloved soon to be husband and a question pops into your head, Has R2 D2 ever been to a wedding Well now you can find out the answer to all these questions plus , all in bite size bits of text in an A5 hardback book packed with glossy, full colour pages containing stills from the films It also has lots of labelled pictures of things from the films too like other droids, different spaceships R2 D2 has been in, different worlds he has been too, different characters he has worked with, all of which are good reference for little ones.The book took about 20 minutes for me to read through it so don t expect it to be super encyclopaedic, but all the basics will be covered It does have some spoilers in it so maybe you d want to see the movies first although R2 D2 s story is not as sensational as some of the other characters e.g the Darth Vader book in this series reveals his true relationship to Luke Skywalker which is a big spoiler of the films for new fans.Overall this book is suitable for kids, is not too difficult to read and is nice to look at 4 stars. You receive an A5 size hardback book, which is the same sort of size you ll find most leaflets are.The book is full of info about R2 D2, like a lot of people I am a fan of Star Wars and who doesn t love R2, this book gives you a number of interesting things about R2Its an interesting book, 63 pages in total, with colour images and some useful facts, I also have the DK book about Stormtroopers and Chewbacca, the best so far for me has been the Stormtrooper DK Book, this is on par with Chewbacca, its interesting, but I m sure there are interesting facts than whats included.Another item for Star Wars fans, I do think there are probably better books, this is okay If you know a proper Star Wars fan you will understand the type of encyclopedic knowledge they have for the films and the characters I have been known to watch the films and even read the books, but I could not tell you the name of the third bounty hunter on the left that is not Boba Fett My mate can He now has kids and is inducting them into the world of Star Wars Their encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise will not come overnight, but the likes of Meet the Heroes R2 D2 will help R2 D2 is part reading helper and part fact book all about still Star War s favourite diminutive android roll on BB 8 It comes in the form of a small hardback and is in full colour Each double spread covers an area or asks questions about R2 D2 can he fly, who are his friends The answers are given in a punchy way that gives you the information, but are also quite enthusiastic Indeed, the book is a little bit in your face with its liberal use of the exclamation mark As a reader for 6 year old it combines learning new words with a franchise they love The text is in nice bold lettering and the sentence structure is not too long This could just be the perfect book for a reluctant reader you know who just happens to be a massive science fiction fan. I love me some Star wars, not someone who knows all the Star Wars knowledge but i know enough and there is plenty of questions in this book i couldnt answer Its surpisingly interesting I have young nephews and its sometimes hard to get them excited about reading, i love reading but they dont This is where this book can come in It has plenty of loud pictures that make you want to read about them Its as lively as a book can get to be honest On top of this it contains interesting info.Id like the full set of these books, id actually learn something Id recommend this to parents who have Star Wars mad kids who they want to get into reading, or kids who like reading and parents want them to get into Star Wars a childs introduction to starwars is how i would describe this book its well made in hard back form and has great quality pictures throughout its well written with lots of fun facts, some of which even hubby didnt know and hes a huge fan.any fan will enjoy this book and collect the others in the set i am sure ideal gift and certainly ideal for encouraging young readers with free reading. A very bold and accessible book, great for its target audience of new independent readers It s A5 in size, which is smaller than I was expecting, but makes it portable than if it were an A4 Each page has a big picture and large easy to read snippets of information which are generally no than 50 words long Lots of headlines, graphic shapes and bold words make it appealing to read My 7 year old Star Wars fan read it all on his own The downside is that it of course gets read quickly, but at this age they need a mix of short and long reads and this is definitely the former. This is a really good little book that s full of facts about R2D2, as well as lots of photos It s gone down really well with our son who is a huge fan of Star Wars, and has the further plus point that it s helping him with his readings Plus as a result we know far about R2D2 then we ever thought would be the case Four stars. Get to know R D and follow his many adventures across the galaxy in this new seriesWho is R D Who are his friends What is R D s bravest mission Perfect for children who are new to Star Wars and also for young fans of the movies, this exciting guide answers all your questions and teaches children fun facts about friendly famous astromech droid R D including his incredible adventures with C PO, Han Solo, and other rebel heroes Follow R D s journey from faithful droid companion to famous Rebel fighter and Resistance ally Discover how R D helps Luke Skywalker to fly starships, what language he speaks, and why his best friend is golden droid C PO Featuring a simple QA format and exciting images, DK s Star Wars Meet the Heroes R D is a fun, welcoming introduction to the famous droid as children follow his adventures in a galaxy far, far away With colorful movie stills from the original trilogy, prequels, and the latest sequels, DK s book allows children to explore R D s amazing worldTMLUCASFILM LTD My 7 year old son is Star Wars crazy so I ordered this for him It s full of facts and information and he likes to read me the questions posed on the pages and then tell me the answers It s well made but a little bit short for him as he s a good reader Still it s kept him entertained so that s the important thing My nephew is 7 and just getting into Star Wars for the first time This small book is packed with lots of facts about R2D2 that help to answer his many questions about the films It is also great for independent readers Nicely presented.

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