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Something in the Water: The Gripping Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick! (English Edition) Saturday, October The GraveHave you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave Wonder no longer It takes an age However long you think it takes, double thatIm sure youve seen it in movies the hero, gun to his head perhaps, as he sweats and grunts his way deeper and deeper into the earth until hes standing six feet down in his own grave Or the two hapless crooks who argue and quip in the hilarious madcap chaos as they shovel frantically, dirt flying skyward with cartoonish easeIts not like that Its hard Nothing about it is easy The ground is solid and heavy and slow Its so fucking hardAnd its boring And long And it has to be doneThe stress, the adrenaline, the desperate animal need to do it, sustains you for about twenty minutes Then you crashYour muscles yawn against the bones in your arms and legs Skin to bone, bone to skin Your heart aches from the aftermath of the adrenal shock, your blood sugar drops, you hit the wall A full body hit But you know, you know with crystal clarity, that high or low, exhausted or not, that holes getting dugThen you kick into another gear Its that halfway point in a marathon when the novelty has worn off and youve just got to finish the joyless bloody thing Youve invested youre all in Youve told all your friends youd do it, you made them pledge donations to some charity or other, one you have only a vague passing connection to They guiltily promisedmoney than they really wanted to give, feeling obligated because of some bike ride or other they might have done at university, the details of which they bore you with every time they get drunk Im still talking about the marathon, stick with me And then you went out every evening, on your own, shins throbbing, headphones in, building up miles, for this So that you can fight yourself, fight with your body, right there, in that moment, in that stark moment, and see who wins And no one but you is watching And no one but you really cares Its just you and yourself trying to survive That is what digging a grave feels like, like the music has stopped but you cant stop dancing Because if you stop dancing, you dieSo you keep digging You do it, because the alternative is far worse than digging a never ending fucking hole in the hard compacted soil with a shovel you found in some old mans shedAs you dig you see colors drift across your eyes phosphenes caused by metabolic stimulation of neurons in the visual cortex due to low oxygenation and low glucose Your ears roar with blood low blood pressure caused by dehydration and overexertion But your thoughts Your thoughts skim across the still pool of your consciousness, only occasionally glancing the surface Gone before you can grasp them Your mind is completely blank The central nervous system treats this overexertion as a fight or flight situation exercise induced neurogenesis, along with that ever popular sports mag favorite, exercise induced endorphin release, acts to both inhibit your brain and protect it from the sustained pain and stress of what you are doingExhaustion is a fantastic emotional leveler Running or diggingAround the forty five minute mark I decide six feet is an unrealistic depth for this grave I will not manage to dig down to six feet Im five foot six How would I even climb out I would literally have dug myself into a holeAccording to aYouGov survey, five foot six is the ideal height for a British woman Apparently that is the height that the average British man would prefer his partner to be So, lucky me Lucky Mark God, I wish Mark were hereSo if Im not digging six feet under, how far under How deep is deep enough Bodies tend to get found because of poor burial I dont want that to happen I really dont That would definitely not be the outcome Im after And a poor burial, like a poor anything else really, comes down to three thingsLack of time Lack of initiative Lack of careIn terms of time I have three to six hours to do this Three hours is my conservative estimate Six hours is the daylight I have left I have timeI believe I have initiative two brains are better than one I hope I just need to work through this step by stepAnd number three care God, do I care I care More than I have ever cared in my entire life Three feet is the minimum depth recommended by the ICCM Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management I know this because I Googled it I Googled it before I started digging See, initiative Care I squatted down next to the body, wet leaves and mud malty underfoot, and I Googled how to bury a body I Googled this on the bodys burner phone If they do find the body they wont find the body and manage to retrieve the data they wont retrieve the data then this search history is going to make fantastic readingTwo full hours in, I stop digging The hole is just over three feet deep I dont have a tape measure, but I remember that three feet is around crotch height The height of the highest jump I managed on the horse riding vacation I took before I left for university twelve years ago An eighteenth birthday present Weird what sticks in the memory, isnt it But here I am, waist deep in a grave, remembering a gymkhana I got second prize, by the way I was very happy with itAnyway, Ive dug approximately three feet deep, two feet wide, six feet long Yes, that took two hoursTo reiterate digging a grave is very hardJust to put this into perspective for you, this hole, my two hour hole, isft xft xft, which iscubic feet of soil, which iscubic meter of soil, which istons of soil And thatthatis the weight of a hatchback car or a fully grown beluga whale or the average hippopotamus I have moved the equivalent of that up and slightly to the left of where it was before And this grave is only three feet deepI look across the mud at the mound and slowly hoist myself out, forearms trembling under my own weight The body lies across from me under a torn tarpaulin, its brilliant cobalt a slash of color against the brown forest floor Id found it abandoned, hanging like a veil from a branch, back toward the layby, in quiet communion with an abandoned fridge The fridges small freezer box door creaking calmly in the breeze DumpedTheres something so sad about abandoned objects, isnt there Desolate But kind of beautiful I suppose, in a sense, Ive come to abandon a bodyThe fridge has been here a whileI know this because I saw it from the car window as we drove past here three months ago, and nobody has come for it yet We were on our way back to London from Norfolk, Mark and I, after celebrating our anniversary, and here the fridge still is months later Odd to think so much has happenedto me, to usin that time, but nothing has changed here As if this spot were adrift from time, a holding area It has that feel Perhaps no one has been here since the fridge owner was here, and God knows how long ago that might have been The fridge looks distinctly seventiesyou know, in that bricky way Bricky, Kubricky A monolith in a damp English wood Obsolete Three months its been here at least and no collection, no men from the dump No one comes here, thats clear Except us No council workers, no disgruntled locals to write letters to the council, no early morning dog walkers to stumble across my quarry This was the safest place I could think of So here we are It will take a while for it all to settle, the soil But I think the fridge and I have enough timeI look it over, the crumpled tarp mound Underneath lie flesh, skin, bone, teeth Three and a half hours deadI wonder if hes still warm My husband Warm to the touch I Google it Either way, I dont want the shockOkayOkay, the arms and legs should be cold to the touch but the main body will still be warm Okay thenI take a long, full exhalationOkay, here we goI stop WaitI dont know why, but I clear his burner phones search history Its pointless, I know the phones untraceable and after a couple of hours in the damp October ground it wont work anyway But then, maybe it will I place the burner back in his coat pocket and slip his personal iPhone out of his chest pocket Its on airplane modeI look through the photo library Us Tears well and then streak in two hot dribbles down my faceI fully remove the tarp, exposing everything it conceals I wipe the phone for prints, return it to its warm chest pocket, and brace my knees to dragIm not a bad person Or maybe I am Maybe you should decide But I should definitely explain And to explain I need to go back Back to that anniversary morning, three months agoA psychological thriller that captivated me from page one What unfolds makes for a wild, page turning ride Its the perfect beach read Reese Witherspoon Reeses Book Club x Hello Sunshine book pick Arrestingdeftly paced, elegantly chillyCatherine Steadman bringswit, timing and intelligence to this novel Something in the Wateris a proper page turner The New York TimesWith unreliable characters, wry voices,exquisitepacing, and atwistingplot, Steadman potently draws upon her acting chops A darkly glittering gem of a thriller from a new writer to watch Kirkus Reviews starred review CaptivatingdaringThe threats and increasingly bad decisions accelerate with Bourne likevelocity Steadman is a newcomer worth watching Publishers WeeklyAn unbearably tense debut with a knockout premise, Something in the Waterhad me hooked from the very first sentence Thrilling and thought provoking, its the perfect beach read I devoured it Riley Sager, New York TImesbestselling author of Final GirlsThis is a book that puts you right into the shoes of the characters and has you asking What would I do You may find yourself increasingly uncomfortable with your answers An unputdownable story thatposesthe age old question of how well we can ever know someoneelseand,perhaps evenimportant, how well do we know ourselves Amy Engel, author of The Roanoke Girls This debuts opening hook, which jumps ahead in the story to reveal ashockingoutcome, teamed with Erins spunk and the threat of Russian mobsters, createsirresistible suspenseof both the what will happen and the how did that happen varieties Booklist We all think we know our own boundaries We all think wed do the right thing But what if the opportunity for the perfect crime appeared right in front of your eyes How many rules would you break in pursuit of the perfect life Catherine Steadmans debut novel, Something in the Water, isas scary as it gets This terrifying morality tale isguaranteed to keep you up at nightMichelle Richmond, New York Timesbestselling author of The Marriage Pact Pure adrenaline I swallowed this book wholeErin Kelly, author of He Said She SaidI absolutelyloved Something in the Water, a stunning debut Superbly written, clever and grippingB A Paris, New York Timesbestselling author of Behind Closed Doorsand The BreakdownAs frightening as it is funny, Something in the Waterfeels like a thriller for our times, a caper with a dark heartLouise Candlish, author of The Swimming Pooland Our HouseA taut and smart thriller, Something in the Wateris a fast paced examination of the slippery slopeand precariousfoundations our middle class lives are built on, and a sensitive examination of a marriage under pressure Catherine Steadman is a genuinely unique voice in crime fictionGillian McAllister, author of Everything but the Truthand Anything You Do Say BrilliantCatherine Isaac, author of You Me Everything

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