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  • 13 June 2019
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Slingshot ShootingThe slingshot book is excellent and well worth the money but the book binding is crap I m not talking about a page or so falling out, I m talking I have a book full of loose pages The information in this book I rate is well worth a 5 Yes it s the publishers fault for the binder and not the authors but I want to warn people that they stand a good chance getting nothing but a book full loose pages I noted that another reviewer had the same problem which prompted me to write this review as this is not an isolated incident. Information about slingshot shooting is generally handed down from father to son or daughter, or, is gotten from neighbors or other acquaintances This type of hand me down information is good but it is usually vague, inadequate, or possibly even down right erroneous But now, for the first time, there is a book SLINGSHOT SHOOTING that presents all the information you will need to go from a beginner to an accomplished slingshot shooter The subject of safety is emphasized through out the book Without emphasis on safety the sport of slingshot shooting could wither and die Slingshot design and construction is discussed so that the beginner can decide what to look for when buying a slingshot or what to incorporate when building one from scratch Aiming and shooting techniques are discussed in detail Shooting accuracy can be inhibited for life if incorrect techniques are used when a person first starts shooting Should you hold the slingshot in your right or left hand What is an anchor point or cant angle It s all in the book In addition to the above, many other subjects are discussed Target systems designed so that the ammunition can be retrieved and used over and over again Ammunition what are the modern day shooters using for ammunition How much practice time is required to become a good shooter And, what is involved in using your shooting skills for tournaments and for hunting It s in the book I came upon this book several years after purchasing a Daisy slingshot for me and my friends We enjoyed them so much, I moved along to the Eagle of Sniper slingshot I thought this book would give me ideas on training and target focus accuracy It did Now, I just have to practice often Thank you for a no nonsense approach to shot placement and shooting techniques. The book itself was very well written and informative, as well as being easy to read It would have to be the definitive book on slingshots and the comprehensive information included is something that can be referenced many times in the future.Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the book binding I am careful with all my books and handle them with much care, but this book just began to disintegrate in my hands about halfway through reading it The pages became unstuck from the spine very easily and quickly and I now have a pile of loose pages secured ironically by a big rubber band to stop them from being lost Such poor quality binding is obviously unacceptable and should not have occurred.I was initially going to buy another copy for a friend of mine, but will not risk it in case that book is also poorly put together I would give the book content a rating of 5 5, but having the book in pieces severely reduces the overall rating down to 2 stars. Ok, I m gonna lay it out straight This is a good book for a complete noob who is too lazy to do extensive internet research Most of the information presented can honestly be learned on youtube and through forums.That does not mean this book is without value though I particularly enjoyed the bit on positive imaging while aiming.This is a great reference to show friends who are interested in slingshots.I like to just sit down and occasionally look through the chapters on aiming, shooting technique, and mind and body conditioning These topics contain a lot of information that can be forgotten and a little reminder to pay attention to your stance or some other detail is helpful.